Thursday, 7 January 2016

BikeSheath Passenger Backrest Cover Video

 Bikesheath Tour Pak Backrest Cover 
For  Harley-Davidson Touring Model

The Tour Pak Backrest Cover is designed specifically for the Harley-Davidson stock Electra Glide King Size Tour Pak. This wraps around the back portion of the seat and arms to hold it in place. It drapes down below the back of the passenger seat so it completely protects the backrest from the elements.

Helps keep elements such as pollen, dust and grime off of your seat
The proprietary material is completely waterproof
Compact and ultra light, saving valuable space in your saddlebags
Easily and quickly put on by one person in less than 15 seconds.
Includes storage bag
Comes in a variety of colors
Proudly made in the USA using materials made in the USA
From the very beginning we have implemented the highest level of Quality standards and Continuous Improvement methodologies. All Research and Design functions revolved around input from motorcyclists with many years and miles of riding. 

We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our product to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. We are fans of the statement, "Genius of the AND". That is why we are relentless in the pursuit of form, fit, AND function.

The beauty of BikeSheath modular covers is, you can take them with you, and are as user friendly as any product could ever be.

View the demonstration video

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