Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Vision X Lighting ULTRA BRIGHT XMC 4.5" LED Passing Lamp Upgrade Kit

Vision X Lighting Introduces ULTRA BRIGHT XMC 
4.5" LED Passing Lamp Upgrade Kit

Vision X Lighting Introduces ULTRA BRIGHT XMC 4.5" LED Passing Lamp Upgrade Kit

 Seattle, WA - Vision X's XMC 4.5" Passing Light Gain extra visibility and enhance your safety on the road with the addition of a set of 4.5" XMC 10-Watt LED Passing Lamps. These powerful lights each pack five times more output than the stock passing lamps, and draw six times less amperage. Dramatically improve your performance while increasing visibility and safety. The MSR Style Reflectors give the XMC Passing Lights a powerful beam pattern than combines distance with full spread coverage.

Take your Vision X LED Headlight anywhere without worrying. Each light Installation is quick and easy...It features plug and play drop in installation (Wiring and Adapter Plug Included) and requires no drilling, letting you get back on the road to enjoy your new Ultra Bright LED headlight.

Product Features (XMC-45RDKIT Shown)

* Each Lamp Head Is Five Times Brighter Than Stock Halogen Bulb
* Six Time Less Amperage Than Stock Halogen Bulbs
* Also Available In Black Chrome (XMC-45RDBKIT)
* Submersible Up To 1 Meter (IP67)
* Plug & Plug For Most Models
* Utilizes 10-Watt CREE LED
* Polycarbonate Lens

The Vision X product line is diverse with lighting sizes from 2" - 7" and has many other motorcycle related products and applications...check out the new XMC line up of LED lighting
online. Just like all of Vision X's other lighting options, the XMC lineup provides the ultimate level of performance. Only the best of the LEDs on the market are selected for use and the housings are made from durable yet lightweight hybrid material. The XMC line achieves unbelievable output with a sharp appearance. Vision X is proud to offer the most superior line-up of LED Lighting specifically designed for motorcycle riders. From the dominant 7" XMC Vortex LED Headlight to the 4.5" LED Passing Lamps, we've got you covered!

Our new XMC Series 4.5" LED Passing Lamps will be available the first part of 2016. Get your orders in fast so you don't miss out on these new revolutionary LED lights. Vision X will soon be launching a massive advertisement campaign for the XMC product line.

 For more information on Vision X Lighting, please call 888-489-9820, check them out at www.visionxusa.com or email them at xmc@visionxusa.com. 
Dealer and Distributor Inquiries Invited!

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