Friday, 18 December 2015 labeling for AF- XiED® Line of Products Offers Private Labeling
 for its AF- XiED® Line of Products

Oldsmar, FL now offers private labeling for its AF-XIED line of products. For Distributors or large volume Dealers/Retailers willing to order required quantities, industry standard discounts are available. 

AF-XiED Private Label Controller

We can offer custom packaging and cable lengths for the AF-XIED versions of our Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory and BMW offerings. Nightrider's Patented XIED technology is designed to work with OEM closed-loop ECM's to maintain or improve fuel mixtures. We incorporate a Simple Plug-N-Play Installation that is Cost Effective. Your company can use Nightrider's patented plug-n-play lambda shift technology to fine tune fuel mixture for stock
bikes or those with exhaust/air cleaner upgrades. Don't worry about buying expensive piggyback controllers or complex software tuning. No Dyno Tuning required! Our top of the line "private label" unit has a MSRP of $199.95 so it's much more affordable than the competition's.

The XiED family of products has been shown to provide one or more of the following benefits:

* Easy-to-Install or Remove
* Improved Throttle Response in Minutes
* Lower Engine/Exhaust Temperatures
* Reduces Engine Surge 
* Less Engine Ping
* Increased Power

Not every rider needs complex and expensive engine tuners to meet their needs. Most riders with stock bikes or those making exhaust and/or air cleaner upgrades just want to ensure their engine runs properly. offers the most cost effective fuel management system for Harley-Davidson motorcycles as well as BMW, Ducati, Victory, Buell and Indian. Easy to Adjust, our adjustable tuning products require nothing more than a small screwdriver to fine tune the fuel mixture. Consistent Results. Like installing a bigger jet in a carburetor.

Available in 3 Different Modes: 

* XiED®-Simple-Beginning Rider
* ViED®-Everyday Rider  
* AF-XiED®-Intelligent-Advanced Rider

For further information on and to get a quote on their private label prices, please call: 313-444-9433 or shop online at 
Dealers and Distributors Wanted!

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