Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Love Jugs, Most Effective V-Twin Engine Cooling System

‘Tis the Season to Give Love Jugs…
The Best and Most Effective V-Twin Engine Cooling System
 in the World! 

Love Jugs can now be in your dealership adding to your revenue stream with our new dealer program. Dealers everywhere can now Increase their Bottom Line Profits with Love Jugs! Motorcycle riders all over the world are thrilled with the results and the performance of Love Jugs. Its’ innovative patented design helps keep Harley riders cooler…especially in stop and go traffic since V-Twin air cooled engines can approach and exceed 500 degrees. 

Temperatures this high will destroy the lubricating capabilities of your engine oil, damage your power plant and generally ruin your riding day by “shutting down”. The ONLY way to cool things down is to consistently run a powerful stream of air across the engine’s cooling fins. That’s the job the Love Jugs does best. Its patented dual fan cooling system delivers more cooling air that any other product on the market today.

New Dealer Support Program Includes: 

• FREE compact Display Stand which shows off the Good Looks, the Power and the
Functionality of Love Jugs

• Your Dealership in the Find-A-Dealer Locator listed on the Love Jugs website so potential customers can find you

• FREE DVD or Thumb Drive Promo Loop to play in your showroom or at events

• Dealer Information Packet will contain all relevant product info to assist your sales staff

• Personal Sales Training and/or Installation Training Upon Request

• Photos, Artwork, logos, videos, etc. available upon request

• Computer Links between Love Jugs website and your dealership

• NEW PRODUCTS COMING SOON for Indian and Victory motorcycles

• Monthly Dealer Conference Calls to exchange ideas and information, challenges and opportunities.

• Personal Attention from the company CEO and Unsurpassed Customer Service…Steve West is available 24/7 to respond to emails or speak with you directly

We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship…

Steve West
Love Jugs

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