Monday, 21 December 2015

Legend Motorcycles Sidecar Cafe Museum and Art Gallery

Dine & Drink in Motorcycle-Heritage!

Well worth a visit: Legend Motorcycles and Art Gallery opens opens Café/Restaurant and builds Brewery at Springville/Utah

Jeff Decker and Rick Salisbury

Expanding his business further, Rick Salisbury, owner of "Legend Motorcycles" has annexed his 2014 opened Showroom/Museum with the "Sidecar Café". The public in-/outdoor Café Restaurant next to the Showroom and with the Art collection just one floor up offers additional exhibition space for the ever-growing art collection PLUS a great location for private celebrations. 

But plans are already beyond the Café: In late August 2015 – Rick and Jeff Decker already en route to the Davenport Swap Meet – preparations for a new Micro-Brewery at the paring lot in front of the Building were well under way – and the "centerpiece" of that Brewery was to be admired on the Exhibition floor: Rick is the proud owner of a 1907 "Strap Tank" Harley-Davidson Single, auctioned off in 2015 and now considered as one of the World's best preserved early Harley still in original condition! In fact, the 1907 serial number #0037 (out of 150 built
that year) make this bike the 94th Harley ever built!

Text and photo's of the Legends Motorcycle Sidecar Cafe / Museum by Horst Roesler

1907 "Strap Tank" Harley-Davidson Single

The signpost at Exit 260 at the Las Vegas - Salt Lake City Interstate I-15 states it in bold letters: Springville Art Museum, Next Exit. What it does not state, at least not yet, even closer to the exit – basically just out of the east side of the exit – is one of the finest collections of Motorcycle Artwork in the State of Utah, if not in the entire USA. Rick Salisbury, owner of Legend Motorcycles, has spent a fortune to create a adequate showcase for his collection of painted and sculpted Motorcycle Art and his collection of classic Motorcycles that span from the earlyest days of transportation in the 20th Century to today. 

Legends Motorcycles has been a part of the Springville Scene for the better part of 2 decades, with Rick and his team offering service from a scenic faciltiy in downtown Springville, not to far from where Jeff Decker operates his famouse "Hippodrome Studio" and his wife the "Art Trolley" Restaurant. When a local car dealership next to the I-15 exit, Rick took the chance to expand and give his collection a new perspective and showcase in 2014. The building was extensively re-modelled and the first floor serves completely as Art Gallery. 

Owner of the Legend Motorcycles Sidecar Cafe, Rick Salisbury

Famous 'Rollie' sculpture by Jeff Decker

A dedicated collector of Jeff Decker's Bronce Sculptures, the cllection features more than 22 original Jeff Decker bronces, including a complete "Boardtrack Race", the gargantuan "Petrali Knuckle" AND a new 1:1.5 Hillclimber as it is the welcome  Piece at the Harley-Davidson Museum at Milwaukee, created by Jeff in create secrecy for the opening of the Museum in 2008. A different colour-accented but impressive in size and quality DAH Hillclimber is now outside the Legends Motorcycles shop. 

David Uhls Paintings – often supported by the fitting original bikes – are a major part, as are Tom Fritz, Scott Jacobs and a number of yet to be made famous artists. The lower floor presents part of Rick's Motorcycle collection – most of which already has or will be in riding condition – as well as some of the custom motorcycles that "Legends" has created as "Aftermarket V-Twins" in recent years under the brandname "Legend Motorcycle" and which are still available on demand. The actual work- and machineshop, where service and maintenance is provided, takes probably only 1/3th of the ground floor, but they take on all types of classic American Motorcycles, not just new and old Harley-Davidson's. 

Highlights of he Museum are incredible original condition Indians and Harley-Davidson's, A super-rare Indian "Despatch Tow" in original paint and quite a number of American brands you may have never heard off. 

With the move from the previous downtown Location at Springville in May/June 2014, the Gallery/Museum is open to the public and the workshops fully operational. The huge parking lot – just opposite of the local Walmart – is also used for public gatherings. Restaurant and Brewery will add to the popularity of the Shop. 

This is one Interstate stop every Motorcycle Enthusiast has to make:
 I-15, Exit 260 – you won't regret it!

Legends Motorcycles & Sidecar Café
Interstate I-15, Las Vegas - Salt Lake City, Exit 260, Springville (Art Musem), 
1715 West 500 South, Springville, 84663, UTAH, USA 
Tel. 001 801 489 0889

OPENING TIMES: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 6 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 5 pm


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