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CUSTOMBIKE2015 Bad Salzuflen 2015 Day 3 - Bike Show Final Resullts

Third Day at CUSTOMBIKE 2015
Final Results

11th Edition CUSTOMBIKE, December 4th-6th, Custom-mania at Bad Salzuflen/Germany

Text and photo's by Horst Roesler. Thanks!

Best of Show: Harley-Davidson Shovel, E. Cincik & Johnnys Garage, Germany

Best of Show, CUSTOMBIKE2015, Bad Salzuflen 2015

Well deserved 1st Place in the "Bobber" category for "Iron Works" in Berlin! The Steam-Punk style Suzuki "Intruder" features handcrafted frame and many details that makes this

All winners and more of the CUSTOMBIKE2015 Bike Show right after the Jump-Break. 

bike ultra-radical for a German (and TÜV homologated too) road bike!
"Best Café Racer" was won by this tasty private-built BMW 
from Seventies and Eighties components.

Not the classic Chopper style but a tribute to what was possible in the early years of Chopper building in Germany using a TÜV-homologated Chopper frame for the Yamaha XS 650 motor. The frame had to be "antique" too, since new emission laws effectively plug the gap of building old motors into new frames now!

Some of the most radical bikes of the show came from Dubai and the Arab Emirates, but did not really fit the classes or the judges tastes: But first place in "Crazy Bike" at CUSTOMBIKE is also a highly competetive trophy!

Editors Choice "Bikers News": The dutch "Garage-Built" inline-four is a super-clean construction of BMW, Harley and other components, 
powered by an Open "Kadett" four-cylinder motor.

Editors Choice "Custombike": German privateer Michael Glaser re-created the "Warhorse" Triumph TRW 500 into a cool custombike. The post WW-2 1952 bike was a basket case, using pre-war girder fork and plenty of time converted it into a compact and neat custom ride!

Editors Choice "Dream Machines": The "Freestyle" winner of Poznan Motor Show was Dream Machines Editors Choice at Custombike. Typ 001 by Robi Hardcore Cycles looks like a real „Old School“ Custombike, but is actually a brandnew state-of-the-art custombike that is aged and „weathered“ by an excellent paintjob that „rusts“ almost every component of frame and bodywork. Based on a 1991 Evolution motor, the engine is „retrograded“ with X-zotic Knucklehead covers and copper-plated Shovelhead primary. Great care went int detailling the bike, since a lot of brass and copper parts were added. Not to forget the antique headlight!

Editors Choice "Roadster" Magazine

"Best Engineering" is a highly regarded trophy at Custombike and went to Holland: "Breakable" is probably more an artbike that a practical ride, but the fuel is actually hidden in the frame, rather than the glas-made gas tank. 
Everything but the 1930 Excelsior / JAP motor had been handcrafted by Piet Smits. 
Other parts like oil tank and wheel hubs are made from plexiglass.

Group shot of all winners of CUSTOMBIKE 2015

"Best Old School" - private built and "Made in Germany"

"Best paint" for a Seventies style paintjob: Applied to the “Komitis” Sportster by Panagiatis Stawropoulos of Athen/Greece

"Best Power Cruiser" for a very unusual and probably worldwide unique project bike: Chris Stirrup from the United Kingdom roared to stage on his aggressive 160+ hp Dragstyle Lowrider which is handcrafted around Eric Buell's last motor for Buell, the 1125 R!

Another trophy for Florian Engel of Engelsschmiede, who created Unique Thirty
 in just 3 days at the "Customshow Emirates" in a hot fight at the first "Middle East Biker Build Off". Danny Fransen of Schrammwerk assisted in Design and paintjob. 
"Best Radical" at CUSTOMBIKE is a trophy to be proud of!

"Best Roadster" surprise winner by "Porno Bikes" for their super-sexy Honda CB 750! 
Almost naked and stripped, the 750 "Four" is "blown" by a turbocharger!

One of the most outstanding Café Racer's and Sportsbikes of this years show was this GT 750 by German "Extremebikes". Hosted by a ultra rare (only 3 ever built) Egli GT 750 frame, bodywork and exhaust system had to be handcrafted!

French EMD is present at the show with new designs and parts.

Günther Brecht aka "Fips" founded "Biker's News" in 1980 and has been the mastermind behind the show-organizing Huber-Verlag. He has written numerous books on the major clubs of the German MC scene and knows the main players in Germany.

Always highly specialized parts and superb primary drives: NH-Power

Steve Schneiderbanger of SSC is one of the long-time customizers in North Franconia/Bavaria: Swedenstyle Choppers and Seventies style bikes are his favourite – Alvin Lee his favourite guitarist!

Most of the German-Austrian-Swiss Victory and Indian dealers came together 
in a massive display both, dominating Hall 20. Most dealers presented customized bikes,
 but also the "stock" hardware of both brands was available!

W&W Cycles of Wuerzburg/Germany

What a Build-Off, what bikes, what a close result! With the public deciding the winner of the CUSTOMBIKE Biker Build-Off, 30+ years custom scene veterans Müller Motorcycle, former Yamaha and Harley-Davidson dealer and producing landmark components like the Müller lowering kits, Kicker kits and recently the Müller clutch kit had the benefit of being the "local team", but realised from the start that he would have been on the defensive against World- and European Championship hardened Yury Shif, who in recent years has created outstanding custombikes – and not just from Harley-Davidson engines! Both teams assembled motorcycles that took 4 months to prepare for the final showdown. In the end, Yury Shif was only 5 (!) votes ahead (232 against 227) of the dissapointed Müller team, which nevertheless convinced with the most radical Müller Custombike ever!

The last day of the Custombike saw a particular tough "finale" between the Müller Team and Jury Shif's crew. Both team were kicking the hell out of the bikes before Shif's cutaway Sportster fired first. "Deep Throat" came alive only two minutes later, 
much to the relief of the Müller team!

Michael Endres and his Bodypaintings have been part of the CUSTOMBIKE for several years. This year's choice of model was an eyecatcher too!

The CUSTOMBIKE always includes a full entertainement and stage program, including Henny Kroezes "Wall of Death", Bodypainting, Custombike introductions and even "Biker Comedy". The most anticipated events being the result of the "Biker Build-Off", Trophy Ceremony and the drawing of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as the "grand finale" – of the event. In its 11th year, the CUSTOMBIKE has become more international than ever: A lot of trade, but still plenty of "show" for the bikers and visitors, who rush to the show in massive crowds. Again, the show underlined its position as the biggest custombike-only related trade event in Europe – timed to focus on the new ideas and products before the snow falls and the customizing starts. As every year...

Text and Fotos: Horst Roesler, Motographer



3 Halls, 25.000 square Meters exhibition
300 Exhibitors
32.000 Visitors! 
800 modified or customized motorcycles
NEXT DATE: December 2nd - 4th 2016
more info and images on
Craziest Bike: Harley-Davidson Road King, Nedal A. Ameen, Dubai
Best Paint/Airbrush: Harley-Davidson Sportster, Konstantinos Papastergiou, Germany
Best Engineering: Jap, Piet Smits, Holland
Best Sportsbike: Suzuki GT 750 Etienne Gerau, Germany
Best Cafe Racer: BMW R50/6, Bernd Skatikat, Germany
Best Power Cruiser: Buell 1125 R, Chris Stirrup, England
Best Chopper: Yamaha XS 650, Martin Becker/MB Cycles, Germany
Best Bobber: Suzuki Intruder, Volker Löhning/Biker Schmiede Berlin, Germany
Best Old School: Harley-Davidson Panhead, Timo Gorius, Germany
Best Roadster: Honda CB 750 Kompressor, Michael Stamm, Germany
Best Radical: Twin-Cam-Custombike, Florian Engel/Engelsschmiede, Germany
Editors Choice DREAM-MACHINES: S&S-Custombike, Bartosz Garwecki, Poland
Editors Choice BIKERS NEWS: Opel Kadett Custombike, Stephan Sanderse, Netherlands
Editors Choise CUSTOMBIKE: Triumph TRW 500, Michael Glaser, Germany
Editors Choice ROADSTER: Kawasaki W 650, Stefan Trautmann, Germany
Best of Show: Harley-Davidson Shovel, E. Cincik & Johnnys Garage, Germany

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