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CUSTOMBIKE 2015 - Second Day in Bad Salzuflen, Germany

Second Day at the CUSTOMBIKE 2015

11th Edition CUSTOMBIKE, December 4th-6th, Custom-mania at Bad Salzuflen/Germany

With a massive onrush of visitors, crowding all three halls of the 2015 CUSTOMBIKE at Bad Salzuflen, the fair exceeded expectations and again. The still great interest in Custombikes saw visitors and exhibitors from Spain, Norway, the US, Dubai, and all German-language countries around Germany anyway! The Biker Build-off between the teams of Juri Shif and Müller Motorcycles somewhat heated up considerably, as both team are struggling to finish the bigger than expected wireing of the extraordinary custombikes! 

Text and photo's by Horst Roesler, Motographer / Onno "Berserk" Wieringa 

It did not really help that both teams – all of which come from countries where high-octane are the norm rather than the exception – exchanged liquor (from Bavaria) and some indisclosed Belorussian liquid which came out of bottles neither marked nor mentioning the percentage of Alcohol included. 

By estimates of the participants, it will be THAT very liquid that tomorrow, Sunday, December 6th, will FIRE the Belorussian ride! A hot showdown is granted anyway, since BOTH teams declared electric starter as unneccessary accessory for their rides and will KICKSTART the
behemoths! Good luck to that!

Motorcycle Storehouse presented their new catalogue and many custom bikes and parts.
 Seen here probably World's first H-D Street 750 Bagger?!

Premiering their brand at the CUSTOMBIKE, Bavaria-based "Augustin" ( produce their own rolling chassis, wheels and – in the near future) their own 100 and 152 Cubic Inch motors. On first impression similar to Stroker Tower's "Betty" frame, the Bavarians created their own TÜV-homologated version and are ready to hit the market. Both premiere bikes, one equipped with RevTech, the other powered by S&S could have been sold the first day, but remain at the factory for testing and homologation!

Late entry into the Show, BMW is heading big time into customizing! 
Preset at CUSTOMBIKE the 4 Japanese "R-Ninty" custom projects!

Thomas Trapp of authorised Dealer Harley Factory Frankfurt (r.) is established participant at CUSTOMBIKE, albeit this time without his "classics" that he is boardtrack racing at some of the remaining German circiuts every year. In 2016, he will again cross the USA with the Canonball Ride, this time on a 1914 model without gearbox!

HWC frames use no downtube, thanks to their radical strong construction! Every year, Henrik Willms introduces his new projects at the event.  (

Michael Schönen aka "Lackmuss" is one of Germany's top painters, 
always introducing new and innovative designs!

Now offering a full lineup of German-made Bagger Parts: 
Maxomation. (

German "Rockstar Cycles" still have the rolling chassis (or complete motorcycles!)
 for fans of the radical Drag-Style custombikes. (

Exhibiting (and partying!) Spanish Custom style: Vida Loca Cycles!

Working at a frenetic pace, both BBO competitors have been assembled but there are still a lot of cables hanging around! Both competitors have to KICK their engines to live!

Zodiac presented many new parts 

Custom Chrome Europe handed over two more certificates to 2015 "Bolt on and Ride" bike builders JB Motorcycles (who created the movie star "Blockbuster" Sportster) and Thomas Trapp of Harley-Factory Frankfurt, who was very quick to customize one of the first 2015 "Road Glides" into CCE 2015 "Ralligator"

Comedy for Biker's? Johnny Chopper gives it a try!


Miss CUSTOMBIKE contest: 
The Cover of "Biker's News" is waiting!

Guests came from as far as Oslo/Norway!

Legendary "Wall of Death" Rider Henny Kroeze is now joined by his beautiful daughter Kim, 
who is also riding the Indians. But the multiple dutch Speedway Chamipion 
and professional rider also has some jewels in his collection: 
This 1930 Norton Speedway racer in one of probably 5 still in existence!

Text and photo's by Horst Roesler, Motographer / Onno "Berserk" Wieringa 

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