Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Custom Chrome Europe’s Xzotic Generator Style Cam Cover

Cool & Bolt On: Custom Chrome Europe’s Xzotic Generator Style Cam Cover adds a new twist to the Twin Cam Motor!


New Old School 'Made in Germany'

CCE Xzotic Generator Style Cam Cover

Add a touch of nostalgia to your Twin Cam, change the look without much work! The CCE-exclusive Xzotic “Generator Style Cam Cover” opens a huge number of opportunities and transforms your bike to look “cool old school”. The one-piece component mounts “bolt-on” into the mounting position of the stock HD Cam Cover easily. A shortend Allen Head key is required to access the screws inside the “Generator Housing” – that’s all folks! The slotted screws are “decoration” and never touched nor stressed. 

The space under the “fake” Generator housing could be used to hide parts of the electric system. Ribbing and suggested “breather” are modelled after the 1941 “Knucklehead” original.

Manufactured and distributed exclusive by Custom Chrome Europe, 2015 “Bolt On and Ride” Bike Builder TTS had one of the first stock parts fitted to match the design of their “Knight Knuckle”, based on a “Fat Bob”(!) – and subsequently had the “Generator Style Cam Cover” anodized AND the stock slotted screws swapped for brass versions! Result: Great! The stock part is available only in raw casted finish. 

Comes with slotted bolts for the fake mounting holes (M5 thread) and re-uses the OEM screws to mount the cam cover. Fits all Twin Cam engines 00-15.

02049 Generator Style Cam Cover
667666 Cam cover gasket, paper with bead, 
all Twin Cam 99-15 by James Gaskets (OEM 25244-99)
660330 Cam cover gasket, Micropore, all Twin Cam 99-15 by Motor Factory (OEM 25244-99A)
613215 Cam cover gasket, all Twin Cam 99-15 by Cometic (OEM 25244-99)

Note: To install the CCE Generator Style Cam Cover, it is necessary to use a new cam cover gasket. Does not fit with all exhaust systems, please check before!

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