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Out of the 80+ bikes in the Bigtwin Bikeshow 2015 , Autotron Rosmalen The Netherlands, companies could pick their favourite bikes and reward them with special Awards and Prizes.

Marga Giezen won the Webspringer front end, made by and donated by Kruyswater Motorcycles. The fork, with a retail price of 1275,- euro’s was given to Marga on stage by Job Vogel, co-owner of Kruyswater Motorcycles. 

Marga on her Yamaha XS650

Marga was surprised!

Her bike, a Yamaha XS 650 in bobber style, still has the OEM front end and it will look a lot better with the Kruyswater forks! The Yamaha is built by her husband Ger Voetman, who loves to work on the XS-models as a hobby and nicknamed themselves GM Choppers.

Horst from Belgium won the Short Cut Choppers 150,- Euro's Cheque

Shot Cut Choppers, Ede, awarded the #221, a traditional old school seventies  Ironhead Chopper from Belgium, owned by Horst. He received a 150,- euro’s cheque.

JL Promotions had 3 Jesse James jackets to give away. The first to answer the question asked on stage; “Which edition of the Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo is this?”was given a Jesse James
jacket, and that was one of the Bikeshow Competitors, Harry de Vreede, 
who correctly anwered: ”The 24th!”. 

Gerrit Aanstoot

Kristof Daenekind

The two other Lucky ones were Gerrit Aanstoot with his Savage with amazing, self done paint job and the WL based psychedelic looking bike by Kristof Daenekind.

Reinoud, United Motorcycles presents his Award

Matthijs van Brussel, Ducati 900SS

Motorcycles United kindly donated a 100,- euro’s cheque to the Ducati 900SS from Matthijs van Brussel.

Peter Barsselaar present the 'Worst Wiring' Award

Anita does look, errrr, not like Anita!

The worst wiring! You’ve seen it many times, a nicely built custom bike with wiring that looks like somebody through a pan of spaghetti over it, with ugly looking wires averywhere… Well, this time it was not that bad, but still Motorcycle Academy’s Peter Barsselaar gave away a training course Bike Wiring to competitor # 189, Anita de Graaf’s bike.

Janine, Harrison Billet, donated a 500,- cheque
 to Piet Smits with his 'Breakable' Boardtracker

Harrison Billet, famous for their excellent braking systems, donated 500,- to their favourite pick, Piet Smits’ ‘Breakable’ Boardtracker replica with J.A.P. engine.

Tony Leenes - Anzani / Indian

Lin & Vic, Destiny Cycles Triumph

Boguslaw, Poland H-D Chopper

And three more jackets and well fillled goodiebag were given away by Custom Chrome Europe. Lothar gave the CCE jackets to bikeshow competitors # 251, the Anzani / Indian Tony Leenes brought to the show, # 224 Best of Show Winner Destiny Cycles and # 243, Boguslaw from Poland.  

ALL the photo’s of these bikes, and the rest of the photo’s of all the bikeshow competitors and Winners, the Expo halls and much more that was to be seen at the Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo 2015 Rosmalen are online at – Photo Galleries 2015! 

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