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Racing Line – British motorcycle racing in the golden age of the big single

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Racing Line – British motorcycle racing in the golden age 
of the big single by Bob Guntrip 

22.5x15.2cm • 192 pages • 70 pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845847-93-7
£ 19.99 (for eBooks this varies and delivery is free) 

• British racing of the ’60s in facts and figures
• Tuners’ tales: making fast bikes faster
• On track: the evolution of Britain’s race circuits
• Charting the great rivalries: Minter v McIntyre, Hailwood v Read
• Reliving the toughest races of the decade
• The irresistible rise of Production racing
• Aermacchi: how a lightweight Italian single challenged Britain’s heavy brigade
• Private ventures: the sagas of the Weslake and Lynton engines
• Game changer: the advent of Yamaha’s TR2 super two-stroke 

Racing Line is the story of big-bike racing in Britain during the 1960s – when the British racing single reached its peak; when exciting racing unfolded at circuits across the land every summer; and when Britain took its last great generation of riding talent and engineering skill to the world. 

The decade between 1960 and 1970 saw British racing singles reach the peak of their decelopment, a decade in which exciting racing unfolded at circuits across the land every weekend, and the decade of Bob McIntyre, Derek Minter, Mike Hailwood, Phil Read, Bill Ivy and Peter Williams.
 This book documents the period from the introduction of the G50 Matchless, up to the advent of the Yamaha TR2, and the birth of the two-stroke era – a period of immense change. Britain during the 1960s wasn’t only a nation of pop music and fashion; it was a decade crammed with
the most competitive racing in the history of motorcycle sport. Racing Line tells this story – the ridres, the machines, the drama and the the excitement. 

Additional Information
This book is a unique record of the British big-bike racing ’60s, when the country's last great generation of riding and engineering talent combined to dominate the sport.

 Tells the story of the last great decade in British motorcyle racing – of Minter, Hailwood, McIntyre, and the epic races that defined the era.

 Includes comprehensive race results, and rare photographs. 

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