Monday, 26 October 2015

Open Road Incredible Edibles - Superfood Bars Kickstarter Campaign

Open Road Incredible Edibles 
set to introduce best tasting Superfood Bars worldwide with new Kickstarter Campaign

(Chicago, IL) – Tired of energy bars that taste like the wrapper? Feel The Horsepower Chocolate Superfood Bars, a subsidiary of Open Road Incredible Edibles, is launching a new Kickstarter campaign today to raise funding to introduce America’s best tasting performance enhancing bars world-wide after a successful local introduction in Chicago this past Spring. Feel the Horsepower is a startup company specializing in artesian handcrafted specialty confectionery bars created for great taste and power-packed vitamin infusion.
The company has successfully tested the product in the Chicago market with a combination of limited retail availability, special event samplings and focus groups. 

"Feel the Horsepower Bars are an on-the-go delight that not only satisfies your sweet tooth, but delivers the jolt you need to handle the rigors of the road or a too-busy day. I’m a true believer," said Marilyn Stemp, Iron Trader News. 
“Our product is unique. We have a proprietary ‘gel’ surrounded by dark chocolate infused with all natural organic ingredients that provides energy, power and performance replacement. Most importantly, it tastes like a treat, not a treatment,” said company founder, Gina Woods. 

The company’s goal is to eliminate the stigma that if it is good for you it tastes bad, with a product made through nearby sourced and sustainable ingredients from local farms who hire employees within the community to drive economic growth. The company’s Kickstarter campaign is designed to raise money to take production and distribution of Feel The Horsepower worldwide. 

 “I recently started Open Road Incredible Edibles, through my Talk Radio Show, program, I didn't know I'd be entering into the Energy /Nutrition Bar business when I started my program 17- years ago. It’s an $8B industry, but once bitten, it became an instant obsession for me and my staff,” added Woods.
The campaign kicks off today with rewards for donations that include Feel The Horsepower stickers, hats, t-shirts, leather jackets, gas tanks, business radio commercials, a NASCAR Experience and Valerie Thompson Racing autographed swag!  

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