Saturday, 10 October 2015

Cult Werk - V-Rod & Sportster specialty parts at MCS

Cult Werk - V-Rod & Sportster specialty parts
available at Motorcycle Storehouse

If you own a bike you know it is important it performs and runs well. For many there are more things to life than the pinnacle of performance. Things like, beauty, style and even art. 

When cruisin' down the road, like say on your stock V-Rod or Sportster, fair chance you'll find plenty of horses to play with. However, for some the Factory bike looks are debatable, and for those Austria based manufacturer Cult Werk comes in handy since they have a full programme
of high end good looking products to lift V-Rod and Sportster looks to previous unimaginable heights. 

Mind you, we are not talking extreme full customizing jobs, you will not require to do any permanent modifications. It is mostly simple installation work of smartly designed covers that will suggest a full customizing job... at a fraction of the price. 

 Cult Werk says that all components are absolutely high end and will offer Factory-like fitment and installation ease. In most applications strong ABS plastic is used, which is already smooth and usually just requires a small sanding, if at all, to be ready for paint. ABS parts are strong and much more form consistent and controllable than lower cost fiberglass components. This allows a much higher precision in the production process, correctly placed pre-drilled mounting holes complete with hardware when required, and overall  great fitment and installation ease. 

Products include V-Rod headlamp fairing kits and lowering kits, front fenders, rear wide fender kits, shorter rear fenders, gas tank cover sets, license plate holders, ram air intakes, lockable gas cap, fork cover kits, rear axle cover kits and so on. For Sportster Cult Werk has parts including front & rear fender kits, air cleaner housings, head lamp grills, gas tank lift kit, etc. 

For more information rub shoulders with your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer, 
he'll be able to provide you with all the necessary information on Cult Werk.

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