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Monument to Biker 25/08/2015

Monument to Biker 25/08/2015

The crew of “Association Bikers Cologno al Serio”, founders of “Festa Bikers”, have made a monument is a tribute to all who come numerous Bikers from all over Italy and from abroad on the occasion of the appointment of Bergamo, which is held every year at the end of August and it is now in its 18th edition.

This monument is a tangible sign of passion and freedom Bikers Festival wants to convey and donate to all Bikers but also to those unfamiliar with this world of ours, a symbolic gesture to break down those negative stereotypes that over the years were born around the figure of Biker!

The project grew out of an idea born in the course of last year and made in recent months. A real chopper stylized measure mt 5x1xh3,5 built by members of Bikers Festival steel, iron and brass, following the rules "old school" recovering waste materials from local companies (an eye for the environment! ) and stealing time to families and to sleep, having to work even at night!

Leaving aside the difficulties and bureaucratic adventures with the Italian institutions to have all the necessary permits to install this work, one of the major complications that kids Bikers Festival have passed very well is that of the security fence: competent bodies asked a guard rail iron when we all know how dangerous  for riders! It is then opted for a complex structure with
predetermined breaking points in case of shock, and for a hedge decorative and contaniment ,definitely less dangerous.

We must recognize, however, the availability of the entire city administration (led by the deputy mayor Mr.. Mark Picenni Alderman Massimo Natali) that has supported from the very beginning the Association Bikers Cologno al Serio in this project, also confirming the estimated that the local community has for these bad boys / and tattooed so that they do for the social (especially for the Local Associations) and to help those in need!

Special thanks also to companies Somin Industrial Assembly, Carnazzi Construction,Sami Srl Industrial Maintenance and Roberto Foglieri, Natali Oleopneumatica, Technical Surveyor. Daniele Milani, Elettroimpianti Brothers and the Friends Sandro Cavalleri, and Luke "Luz" Luzardi ...

We just have to keep you free on 08/09/2015 at 11:00 when, in the presence of local authorities, will be inaugurated the monument on SP former S.S. 591 "Cremasca" at km 14 + 750, placed on the roundabout in the direction that welcomes Bikers Bikers Festival, which this year will open on 26/08/15 for the 8/30/15 close them.
You are all invited!

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