Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Free Spirits at Tridays 2015

 Free Spirits at Tridays 2015

A new adventure for Free Spirits at Tridays, with an extraordinary team, 
on 27th June in Neukirchen, Austria

The "aurora” is those fleeting and lofty moment that introduces the sunrise. It happens when dawn comes and the sky lights up and the darkness disappears. Maybe for that reason the Free Spirits Team, Le Donne dell’Aurora (Ladies of Aurora), chosed its own name: because it wipes out all that exist before and brings a new light in motorbike world. Surely an all-italian and all-female team will be a lashing for public and a serious blow for rivals at the Ace Race "24 minutes of le Brèe”. 


What’s that? It’s a new kind of race: Uli Brèe, dynamic organizer of Tridays (the world’s most important meeting of Triumph motorcycles) has created a new idea: a 24 minutes small endurance, racing with vintage style 125 cc bikes. On Friday, 26th of june free pratice test will occur. 

On Saturday, 27th of june Teams will run the race. 10 different Teams will engage in Neukirchen, and not the fastest will surely win: the final placement will be estabilished by several criterias: points will be conferred to the most beautiful team, to wildest look, to over-the-top performance…  

Hey, it’s not the same old competition, but a brand new, funny event! And the Free Spirits Team will surely show a great exhibition with its female riders: Brit Jet, great Tridays organizer, and Kara, the only German girl so brave to deal with the Wall of Death!

So, don’t miss the Tridays! Free Spirits will be there with its booth 
and its large technical special parts for Triumph motorcycles. 
While the Donne dell’Aurora Team requires your cheer and support! 

Here you can find all information 
about Aurora and about Tridays!

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