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Custom Chrome Europe BOAR Video 2015: "This Is"

Custom Chrome Europe BOAR Video 2015 "This is..."
...the way it was: Full throttle at the Côte d‘Azur

...the way it was: Full throttle at the Côte d‘Azur 
with the CCE 2015 Bolt On and Ride Bikes! 

Bolt On Riders: Missing the „Blockbuster“ for the entry group shot was filmed near the beaches of Saint Tropez... 

Custom Chrome europe proudly presents a Marcus Arnoldy Production the Bolt on and ride Movie 2015 starring Veronica Calilli and Jaime Sagrado and Ruby Shock and Custom Chrome Europe team 

There is a certain amount of dedication, skills and determination behind the creation of any music video – let alone a music video that will get the attention of an international audience and explain the passion behind customizing a Harley without words AND compressed into a time slot of less than four minutes of a song! But when the result finally hits the screen, all the work is forgotten! In July 2014, Custom Chrome Europe filmed their first „Music Promo Clip“, shooting locations and the riding performed in and around the then brand-new warehouse in Grolsheim near Bingen, with all logistics within reach. That story told – the warehouse in routine operation and busy like never before – it was challenging to create a follow-up story that would match, probably even surpass the very successful „Sexy Thing“ video. With an unprecendented effort, the CCE team shipped six „Bolt On and Ride“ custombikes, CCE staff members and a complete Rock Band to South France and into the middle of mayhem that is
hitting the coastline around Port Grimaud, when the Harley-Season starts 
with the now international Harley-Davidson Festival. „THIS IS“ was shot in only 3 days – ot 
stuntmen, no doubles, no safety net! 

The Custom Chrome Europe Party on Friday evening inside the „Les Prairies de la Mer“ has been a focus point for a lot of French and Italian Custombike dealers, for which the „Harley-Davidson 
Euro Festival“ at Port Grimaud has become a welcome „Spring Break“ in the busy customizing season. Little did they know that this year they would not just receive the drinks, steaks and Ger-
man „Bratwurst“ hospitality, but also would become co-starring in CCE‘s new „Customizing Promotion Clip“, although only for fractions of a second. When „Ruby Shock“ started their first-ever 
„unplugged“ gig in the hut that marks the „center stage“, most visitors realized that something special is going on this year – and subsequently took the invitation to see the band „live on stage“ at next days Cogolin „Chopper & Co“ party more serious... 

„When we were looking for a successor for last years „Sexy Thing“ video, the „Harley-Davidson Euro Festival“ soon came to mind“, recalls CCE Managing Director Andreas Scholz – the event has 
been a regular date on the CCE calendar to talk to the dealers, usually without the burden of booth and displays, but nevertheless serious business for the French and partially the Italian and Spanish markets too. In 2013, the five „Bolt On and Ride“ motorcycles were extensively photographed and ridden during the event: So most of the scenic locations around Grimaud – and consequently 
also the Saint Tropez peninsula beaches, Sainte Maxime and the mountains behind – were „charted territory“ for the Custom Chrome Europe team. The 2013 shootings took the BOAR bikes as far as up the Grand Canyon du Verdon south rim – and several team members were familiar with the small country roads up and down the French Rivera. „South France in May is usually a good choice for sunshine“, states Scholz – and that turned out to be true.

Before any Bratwurst or Harley was shipped the 1100+ kilometers from Grolsheim to Grimaud, extensive „brainstorming“ took place at CCE‘s marketing department: Just by chance, Andreas Scholz has stumbled privately into a concert of Stuttgart-based rock band „Ruby Shock“ and was awed by the raw and original performance. The contact soon intensified and after considering a new song or modifying the text of an existing tune, band and boss settled for „This Is“ – which turned out to be a great choice, since the story of the video and the text fit in almost perfect harmony. Ruby Shock would get a great music video and Custom Chrome Europe would get great music without expensive payments to music publishers for a time-limited use of the song. Deal! 

That this would be a true win-win situation first came to light on March 21st 2015, when „Ruby Shock“ performed during the first „CCE Open House“ in Grolsheim and literally blew away the audience! Now everybody was convinced: This video would ROCK! 

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