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Holland-based warehouse distributor Zodiac advertises with the slogan "parts and accessories for old and new Harley-Davidsons". For the good-old 750 side valve they have recently added some 500 part numbers in stock replacement parts, high performance items and accessories. This includes several items for the Servi-car three wheeler, the regular civilian W-models, as well as for military WLA and WLC models. 

As the stopping power back in those days wasn't really impressive your Zodiac dealer can now supply a double cam front brake for these models. The brake kit includes a drum, has a very close to stock appearance, is available in black with chrome or cad plated arms and is relatively easy to install. 
More info at http://catalog.zodiac.nl/pn.aspx?p=745923

Another great performance item for the good-old 45 is a complete kit that converts the stock 3-speed gearbox into a 4-speed. This fits into the stock transmission housing and the only change
is in the transmission end cover. But it is so minor that only someone who really knows the details of the 45 by heart will notice it. More info at http://catalog.zodiac.nl/pn.aspx?p=745844

For restoration of WLA and WLC models Zodiac also supplies perfect reproductions from items as the brown leather solo seat (info at http://catalog.zodiac.nl/pn.aspx?p=745961), 

the pebble brown leather saddle bags (info at http://catalog.zodiac.nl/pn.aspx?p=745969) and the brown leather submachine gun scabbard and matching bracket and ammunition box (info at http://catalog.zodiac.nl/pn.aspx?p=745963)

For those who are sick and tired from the oil leaking and noisy primary chain Zodiac has belt drive kits that fit into the stock primary chain case. Runs smooth and helps to keep your bike clean. Available for Solo models, as well as for sidecars and Servi-car. (info at http://catalog.zodiac.nl/pn.aspx?p=745839)

Part number information and suggested retail prices:
745923 Double cam drum brake, black and chrome 
745924 Double cam drum brake, black and cadmium
Starts at Euro incl. BTW/TVA 391,00

745844 Three-to-four speed conversion kit
Starts at Euro incl. BTW/TVA 897,00

745961 WLA Solo seat (OEM 3181-40M)
Starts at Euro incl. BTW/TVA 274,00

745969 WLA Saddlebag kit (OEM 11786-XM)
Starts at Euro incl. BTW/TVA 449,00

745970 Leather submachine gun scabbard
Starts at Euro incl. BTW/TVA 136,00

745839 Belt drive kit for use on 45CI solo models
Starts at Euro incl. BTW/TVA 456,00

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