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World's Fastest Bagger; How the Flare™ Windshield was Born

World's Fastest Bagger; How the Flare™ Windshield was Born.   
(Mitchell, SD) – With the recent introduction of many more model fitment options to Klock Werks most popular product line, the patented Flare™ Windshield, inquiries have surfaced wanting to know what the inspiration was behind the development of a motorcycle windshield that not only looks great, but actually serves a performance enhancement purpose. 
To answer that question we must get back to the year 2006, when Klock Werks was taking part in a Discovery Channel TV show called “Biker Build Off”. Brian Klock decided to be the first contestant ever to build a “bagger” motorcycle for the television competition. The bagger (touring model motorcycle) sported a high performance S&S 124" motor, so it was natural that team Klock Werks decided to race the bike on the Bonneville Salt Flats immediately after winning the build off competition that year. 

“Our bike became known as the original "World's Fastest Bagger" after pilot Laura Klock set records in 2006. It was from this excursion that Laura reported a front end “lift” she was feeling at those high speeds with the stock windshield. Klock Werks went to work and focused on air; it’s movement, and impact on motorcycles and the way they handle. We did extensive planning, testing and received the opportunity to take the design in the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC. Before long the Flare™ Windshield was born and ready to bring to market.” Stated Brian Klock, president of Klock Werks. 

The original windshield of its kind, the Klock Werks Flare™ features “hips” at its sides that re-route the wind, adding down force to the front-end of the motorcycle to improve stability vs. riding with the stock windshield. The flip at the top of the Flare™ redirects wind up and back
as clean, less turbulent air for the rider and passenger, decreasing wind noise, and providing a more comfortable ride.  

Laura went back to Bonneville and continued to set records in 2007 and 2008, ultimately reaching speeds of 161mph on the Bagger.  Klock Werks went on to manufacture and produce the patented Flare™ Windshield, which remains the leading windshield in the industry today.  
Klock Werks Flare Windshields are proudly made in the USA and fit a wide range of motorcycles including Harley-Davidson, Honda, Victory, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Indian.  

Klock Werks welcomes any questions and encourages riders to understand the difference in order to make an informed buying decision. Learn more at or visit your local Drag Specialties dealer. 

About Klock Werks
Located in Mitchell, South Dakota, Klock Werks has grown from humble beginnings to a nationally and internationally recognized Brand. Achieving status as “Air Management Experts”, Klock Werks credits this to the success of the original, patented, Flare™ Windshield. Also supplying fenders, handlebars, and other motorcycle parts, Klock Werks proudly leads the industry through innovation in design and quality of materials and fitment. Team Klock Werks has been successful for years designing parts, creating custom motorcycles, and setting records on the Bonneville Salt Flats. You will find motorcycles, family, and faith at the core of Klock Werks, along with a commitment to caring for the needs of enthusiasts around the world who enjoy their products.

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