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The 2015 Kodlin masterpiece: F 32 Bagger

The 2015 Kodlin masterpiece: F 32
Introduction on Sylt/Germany: Europe's first 32-Inch Bagger. 
Full metal custom Bagger by Fred and Len Kodlin!

The expectations were running high: Following his awesome "Outtalimits" Bagger, introduced at Velden Casino during European Bike Week 2013, it took another year to take some time beside the booming business to create another Kodlin Megabike. Len Kodlin sketched the design about a year ago, but a private tour during Mallorca Bike Week 2014 got Fred Kodlin together with German V-Twin motor tuner Guenther Sohn, who saw the sketches and agreed to build the Twin Cam engine. The "countdown" then ticked down to the date of introduction,
which would be April 25th 2015. The unveiling took place at one of the northernmost points of Germany: The island of Sylt. 


For decades, the "Sansibar" has been THE popular bar/restaurant/meeting point for the high society of Sylt. And since the sixties, Sylt has become Germany's must-be VIP island, where even international celebrities have appartments. The "Sansibar" rest far outside any of the towns, high in the dunes and close to the famous 40 km beach that covers the entire west coast of the island. Since its introduction in the seventies, the "Sansibar" is also "cult" and a famous brand for wine, food and fashion – and recently also partner for several Harley-Davidson project-bikes that bear the two crossed sabres, trademark of the restaurant. Fred knew the location for some times – and despite the problems of placing a motorcycle into the somewhat remote location on the dunes, it would be a great place for a custombike presentation. 

Only the local weather did not really play alongh as hoped, as after almost a week of sunshine and warm temperatures, April weather showed its cold shoulder – and worse: A foggy drizzle of rain soaked the sand, and stopped only briefly after noontime to uncover the latest Kodlin creation to a invited audience of 60+ Kodlin clients and friends, plus the motorcycle and local press. What came to light, was the first-ever European-build Custom-Bagger to roll on a 32 front wheel – a bike which is almost entirely handcrafted and build from scratch! This starts in fact with the entire bodywork, tank, tailend and integrated sidecases and the front "sidearms" for the indicators, which are entirely made from sheet metal. Loudspeakers are integrated to the left case, everthing – including all motorcycle functions – can be controlled from a cellphone! For the first time in Europe, a 32-Inch front wheel is used – and Fred again as used his own air suspention system to elevate the bike front and rear to riding position. German V-Twin motor specialist and former Top-Fuel and AHD Dragracer Guenther Sohn pumped about 170 horsepower into the engine, "reliable and lasting 170 horsepower, of course", he underlines with a smile, "we have analised the problems of the high-volume motors based on the Twin Cam and cured the problems – it is great to see one of my engines in such a high-profile custombike of quite stunning design."

Apart from the motor, the Kodlin team used Performance Machine components and Screamin Eagle clutch. From the experience with previous radical designs, there will be some "windfall" products that will see production status, most likely the 3D design floorboards, Airfilter engine covers and – maybe – the headlight mask. 

A wild diamond-shaped design, reminiscent of the F-117 "Stealth Fighter", the paintjob was designed by Len Kodlin and Marcel Sinwell – with some "inspiration" coming from the mediterrean seas at Mallorca. Unfortunately, the North Sea west of Sylt did not really live up to the expectations to deliver the fittig colour on the day of the enveilling, April 25th 2015. But since this bike is a rider – and certainly will be ridden by Fred too many 2015 events, probably even from LA to Sturgis for the 75th Anniversary Rally – many people will enjoy this technical masterpiece "in Action". And belive us: The sound system alone is worth to listen to it! Once again, the only German "Master Customizer" has scored: This is one of the technically most advanced Baggers around – and with the 32-Incher now rolling at German Autobahn speeds, it will certainly not be the last!

Text & Fotos: HRF

Technische Daten/Technical data/Spécifications/Technische Specificaties/Formulario Dati Tecnici/Informação Técnica:

Name/Bezeichnung/Name/Nom de la moto/Naam van de motorfiets/Nome della Moto/Nome da Moto: F32 / Europas erster Custom Bagger mit 32“ Vorderrad.
Besitzer/Owner/Propriétaire/Eigenaar/Proprietario/Proprietário: Fred Kodlin
Ort/Location/Ville/Stad/Citta/Cidade: 34582 Borken / Hessen, Rudolf Diesel Str.1
Auf-/Umgebaut von/Assembly/Refait par/op en ongebbouwed door/Costruttore/ Montagem por: F. Kodlin Motorcycles
Jahr/Year/Année/bouwjaar/Anno/Ano: 2015
Bauzeit/Time/Terminé/bouwtijd/Periodo di lavorazione/Tempo: 1 Jahr
Fertigstellung/Finishing date/Finissage/afbouwdatum/Dati di completare/Data de Acabameto: April 2015
Modell/Model/Modèle d‘origine/model/Marca e Modello/Modelo de Origem: Kodlin Kustom Bagger
Wert/Value/prix/waarde/valore/Preço: €150.000,--

Motor/Engine/Moteur/Motorblok/Motore/Motor: Harley Davidson / G&R RACING
Baujahr/Year/Année/bouwjaar/Anno/Ano: 2015
Hubraum/Displacement/Cylindrée/cilinderinhoud/cilindrata : 2030ccm 
Luftfilter/Air cleaner/Filtre à air/luchtfilter/Filtro Aria/Filtro de Ar: F. Kodlin Motorcycles
Auspuffanlage/Pipes/ Pipes d‘échappement/uitlaten/scarichi/Escapes: F. Kodlin Motorcycles
Leistung (PS)/Horsepower (hp)/Chevaux/vermogen/Cavallo vapore/Cavalos: 169 PS / 196 NM   
Sonstige Bemerkungen: Motor und Getriebe lackiert.

Übersetzung/Getriebe//Transmission/Transmission/Versnellungsbak/Cambio/Transmissão: HD 6 Gang Getriebe
Kupplung/Clutch/Disques d‘embrayage/frizione/Disco de Embrayagem: Screamin Eagle 

Fahrwerk/Frame; Brakes/Cadre; Freins/frame en remmen/Telaio e freni/Quadro e travão : F. Kodlin Motorcycles
Rahmen/Frame/Cadre/frame/Telaio/Quadro: F. Kodlin Motorcycles Kustom Bagger frame
Baujahr/Year/Année/bouwjaar/Anno/Ano: 2015
Lenkkopfneigung/Rake/Chasse/balhoofdshael/inclinazione: 38°
Schwinge/Swinging arm/Bras oscillant/achtenbrug/Forcellone oscillante/Braço Oscillante: 
F. Kodlin Motorcycles
Stoßdämpfer/Shock absorbers/Amortisseurs/schokdempers/ammortizzatori/Amortecedor: 
F. Kodlin Motorcycles hinten Air suspension
Gabel/Fork/Fourche/vork/Forcella anteriore/Garfo: F. Kodlin Motorcycles Air suspension
Hersteller/Type/Constructeur/merk/Marca/Constructor: F. Kodlin Motorcycles

Vorne/Front/avant/voor/anteriore/Frente: F. Kodlin Motorcycles 32”
Größe/Size/Dimensions/maat/dimensione/Dimensões: 32“
Reifen/Tyre/Pneu/banden/pneumatico/Pneus: 140/40 – 32 

Hinten/Rear/arriere/achter/posteriore/Traseiro: Scheibenrad, Chrom
Größe/Size/Dimensions/maat/dimensione/Dimensões: 5.5x18
Reifen/Tyre/Pneu/banden/pneumatico/Pneus: 200/45-18

Vorne/Front/avant/voor/anteriore/Frontal: Performance Machine
Bremsscheibe(n)/Disk(s)/Disque(s)/remschiguen/Disco/Disco: F. Kodlin Motorcycles  
Bremszange(n)/Caliper(s)/Bloc(s)/remklaumen/Pinza freno/Bloco: Performance Machine 6 Kolben
Hinten/Rear/arriere/achter/posteriore/Traseiro: Performance Machine 
Bremsscheibe(n)/Disk(s)/Disque(s)/remschiguen/Disco/Disco: F. Kodlin Motorcycles
Bremszange(n)/Caliper(s)/Bloc(s)/remklaumen/Pinza freno/Bloco: Performance Machine 4 Kolben

Lenker/Bars/Guidon/stuur/Manubrio/Guiador: F. Kodlin Motorcycles 
Armaturen/Griffe/Grips/Poignées/handgreepen/manopole/Punhos: Performance Machine für hydraulische Kupplung
Trittbretter/Pegs/Repose-pieds/voetsteunen/Pedaliera/Pousa Pés: F. Kodlin Motorcycles „F32“ Trittbretter
Tank/Gas Tank/Réservoir d‘essence/tank/Serbatoio/Depósito: F. Kodlin Motorcycles 

Sitzbank/Seat/Selle/zadel/Sella/Banco: MaikX

Schutzblech vorne u. hinten/Fenders/Garde-boue/spatborden/Parafango/Guarda-Lama: F. Kodlin Motorcycles, Metall

Elektrik/Electrics/Electricité/electriciteit/Elettrico/Electricidade: F. Kodlin Motorcycles
Lampe vorne/Headlight/Phares/koplamp/Faro/Faróis: F. Kodlin Motorcycles LED 
Rücklicht/Taillight/Feux arrière/achterlicht/Luce posteriore/Faróis traseiros: F. Kodlin Motorcycles LED
Blinker/Indicators/Clignotantes/richtingaanwejzers/Lampeggiatore/Piscas: F. Kodlin Motorcycles 

Idee, Design, Konzept, Zeichnung Len Kodlin
Ausschließlich Metall kein Plastik
Rahmen alles Handarbeit. Angefangen beim Frontfender über Spoiler, Rahmenführung, Tank, Seitenverkleidung, Koffer bis zum Heck.
Sitzbank echtes Leder / Carbon

High End Soundanlage via Bluetooth.
Koffer öffnen sich elektrisch, mit blauem LED Licht indirekt beleuchtet.
Pneumatischer Hauptständer, zusätzlicher Seitenständer von F. Kodlin Motorcycles entwickelt.

Durch eine separate Einspritzpumpe, Magnetventile, Einspritzdüsen und Zündspule kann man, falls es zu kalt ist mal eben 5m lange Flammen aus dem Auspuff feuern.
Alle Motor,- Getriebe und Anbauteile in „smokey chrome“ matt.

Idee/Idea/Idée/idee/Idea/Ideia: Len Kodlin 
Ausführung/Painter/Peintre/spuiter/Autore/Pintor: Fred Kodlin und Marcel Sinnwell
Basislack/Base laquer/Laque basique/basiskleur (soort)/Colore base/Côr de base: Standox/House of Kolor
Farbe/Colour/Couleur/kleuren/Colore/Côr: Grau / Türkis / Metalflake

Besonderen Dank an:
Günther Sohn / G&R RACING
Fa. Schröder Oberflächenveredelung
Thorsten Müller / ACR 
Jürgen Noll / Autolack Klauss
Marcel Sinnwell 
Lars Gimbel / Sandstrahltechnik
Team Kodlin

F. Kodlin Motorcycles
Rudolf Diesel Str. 1
34582 Borken / Hessen
Tel. 05682-70710

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