Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Justin Bieber performs at Buffalo Chip!

Seeing is Beliebing during Justin Bieber’s Spectacular Motorcycle Rally Debut 
Come Down with a Fever You’ll Hope Never Breaks on Aug. 10 during the Sturgis Rally!

Get ready to crank the badass all the way up to 11, because the one-and-only Justin Bieber is joining the lineup of Sturgis concerts at the Best Party Anywhere™. The international music phenom will be turning bikers into Beliebers on Aug. 10 with an extravagant rock ‘n’ roll spectacle complete with pyrotechnics, a sea of sexy dancers and onstage burnouts performed on his Ducati.

Over the past year, an infatuation with motorcycle culture has pushed Bieber to undergo a complete transformation as a musician and a man—one that’s taken him from boy-next-door to ultimate bad-boy rocker. You’ll be blown away by the new look, attitude and sound he’ll be flaunting when he sets foot on the legendary Wolfman Jack Stage. 

“This has really been a big year for me, as far as figuring stuff out. This is almost like a full 180 from how I was,” Bieber stated in his interview in the April issue of Men’s Health Magazine.

Justin Bieber’s talent, bravado and party-intense lifestyle have been making headlines around the globe for the better part of a decade. So what will the headline read after he storms the stage during the Best Party Anywhere? Find out first hand! Don’t let this superstar’s swagger threaten your manhood. Reserve you passes now!

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