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Battery technology moves fast forward and these affordable Genuine Zodiac Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries provide a load of advantages compared to any conventional type of battery. 

They weigh a third, can survive five to six times more load sequences, up to six times the lifetime and provide up to 50% more Cranking amps than any lead-acid, AGM, or gel battery. Apart from this, Li-Ion batteries keep their load up to twice as long and can withstand up to ten times more Amps when charging, resulting in a much shorter charge time when riding or when connected to a battery charger. Don't be mislead by their size; a Li-Ion battery simply is that powerful. All Zodiac Li-Ion batteries come with one year limited warranty, feature quad poles and are supplied with plastic fillers to make sure they fit in your battery tray like a glove. 

Consequently we only have 4 part numbers to suit almost any 12-Volt Harley to present. Have a monster motor with high compression that is always a pain in the-you-know-where to start? Simply go for the Li-Ion battery with the highest capacity and there you go! Genuine Zodiac
Parts are high quality at a competitive price.

Genuine Zodiac Lithium-Ion batteries start at 107,- euros

Part Number 738045 Zodiac Li-Ion battery, 48Wh, 240CCA
Sportster 2004 to present
VRSC V-Rod 2002-2006
VRSCR Street Rod 2006-2007
Buell XB9 & XB12
Buell 1125R 2008-2011
Replaces all YTX14BS, YTX14L-BS, YTX14-3, YTX14-4 and similar batteries
Dimensions L=13.4cm, H=9.2cm, W=6.5cm

Part Number 738046 Zodiac Li-Ion battery, 60Wh, 300CCA
FXR 1982-1994
Dyna 1997 to present
Softail 1986 to present
Sportster 1979-2003
Buell 1987-1996
Buell S1, M2 & M3
V-Rod 2007 to present, except 2006-2007 Street Rod
Replaces all YB16-B, YB16-B-CX, YB16L-B, YB16HL-A-CX, YB16-3 and similar batteries
Dimensions L=16.5cm, H=13cm, W=8.6cm

Part Number 738047 Zodiac Li-Ion battery, 72Wh, 330CCA
FL, FLH & FLT all models 1980-1996
Dyna 1997 to present
Softail 1986 to present
Replaces all YTX20-BS, YTX20L-BS, YTX20H-BS, YTX20HL-BS, Y50N18-A-A, Y50-N18L-A-CX, Y50N18L-A2, YTX-20-3 and similar batteries
Dimensions L=16.5cm, H=13cm, W=8.6cm

Part Number 738048 Zodiac Li-Ion battery, 96Wh, 420CCA
FLH & FLT all models 1997 to present
Replaces all YTX30L, YB30L-B and similar batteries
Dimensions L=16.5cm, H=13cm, W=8.6cm

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