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TY-Culture Pop-Art Cult-Motor Studies exhibition at Harley-Davidson Stuttgart-Süd

TY-Culture Pop-Art Cult-Motor Studies exhibition 
at Harley-Davidson Stuttgart-Süd

Limited TY canvas prints signes and numbered now online available.

Oerny B. Lunke or in short "TY-Oerny" is one of the "originals" and enfant terribles of the German Harley-scene: Internet pioneer and airbrush, Pop-Art and photo-artist since the early nineties for many German-language custombike magazines, his lifestyle- and biker scene photos were printed worldwide, the TY-Bikeshow an established part of the "Custom Performance" and his small Kult-Motors are still selling well at W&W Cycles. 

In the last years, it became more quiet around the artist, who was busy in his Internet, website and creative business. His Workshop/studio at Stuttgart-Plieningen is buzzing with activity: His bright coloured Custom-Harley's don't sit idle in the garage – and the legendary "Future Run" is under restauration. And he always finds the time to sketch more and new "Pop Art" motor studies or big formated panoramic images which now also can be ordered as limited edition canvas prints. TY-Oerny has drawn almost every possible engine from Harley-Davidson's

Buffalo Chip Poster Model: 22 Poster Model Finalists Bare It All

  Buffalo Chip Poster Model: 
22 Poster Model Finalists Bare It All

Biker Babes Bare It All to Represent the Premier Sturgis Rally Entertainment Destination
Representing the Best Party Anywhere™ as the Buffalo Chip Poster Model is a prestigious job any year. But for Black Hills beauties looking to get the most exposure, there’s no opportunity bigger or better than holding this position during the historic 75th anniversary of the Sturgis Rally. Women have been coming out of the woodwork to participate in the 2015 Buffalo Chip Poster Model Search, presented by KSKY and Budweiser, and the contest is now in its final days. If you were one of the lucky ones who got to see these biker babes compete in leathers and bikinis for the semifinals on April 25, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Those who made it to finals are about to reveal a whole lot more! 

Meet the 22 biker babes moving on to the 
2015 Buffalo Chip Poster Model finals!

Alexa S.

Age: 23
Occupation: Auto Sales Consultant
Hometown: Rapid City, SD
Bar Where She Qualified: Clock Tower Lounge – Rapid City, SD

What do you like most about yourself? 
 My super dry sense of humor.

Name one asset you have that you think the other contestants don’t.
 I did a lot of acting and public speaking in college, so I’m used to being on stage and love being in the spotlight. Being comfortable in front of people is an acquired taste, but having a stage presence isn’t something you can learn, and I think that’s one of my biggest assets in this competition.

What’s a fun fact not many people know about you?
 I’ve played the violin for 14 years.

If you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island and you could bring three things, what would they be?
 A fishing pole, a knife, and of course Tom Hanks, since he clearly has the most experience in a survival situation. Can he bring three things too?

Brandi W.

Age: 32
Occupation: Accounting Student/Nanny/Accountant
Hometown: Sturgis, SD
Bar Where She Qualified: Clock Tower Lounge - Rapid City, SD

What are three words that describe your personality
 Independent, Adventurous, Capable.

Describe your favorite outfit.
 That’s easy. My Gore-Tex shoes, hiking pants, and a hoodie with zipper pockets. My ghillie suite I use for archery hunting is a close second.

Name one asset you have that you think the other contestants don’t.
 I am full of random stories about strange warfare and medical mishaps.

What’s a fun fact that not many people know about you?
 I process all the wild game I hunt myself, and my place is decorated with eight European

Harley-Davidson kiest winnaar voor ‘motorcycle job of a lifetime’

Harley-Davidson kiest winnaar voor ‘motorcycle job of a lifetime’
Luis Castilla begint deze zomer aan zijn eigen spectaculaire Europese motoravontuur

Rijswijk, 30 april 2015 – Het Harley-Davidson Discover More 2015-sollicitatieproces is ten einde gekomen. Eerder dit jaar adverteerde Harley-Davidson met een topvacature voor een gepassioneerde rijder die de motortocht van zijn of haar leven wilde maken. Uit een ongekend aantal aanmeldingen koos Harley-Davidson de Fransman Luis Castilla om de beste rit van zijn leven te plannen en te maken.

De baan, die sommige sollicitanten omschreven als ‘het beste avontuur van mijn leven’ en ‘dé kans om de wereld te ontdekken’, is door Harley-Davidson aan Castilla toebedeeld. Van de Fransman wordt verwacht dat hij de Discover More 2015-campagne aanstuurt en dat hij een twee maanden durende, volledig gefinancierde ontdekkingstocht door Europa maakt op een Harley-Davidson® Street Glide™ Special-motor. In ruil hiervoor ontvangt Castilla 25.000 euro en mag hij de Street Glide Special, die hij tijdens de roadtrip zal gebruiken, behouden. 

De geroutineerde Franse motorrijder en avonturier is zorgvuldig geselecteerd uit meer dan

Design Engineering, Inc - DEI and LLOYDZ Team up for Bonneville to chase 201.5 in 2015

Design Engineering, Inc - DEI and LLOYDZ Team up for Bonneville to chase 201.5 in 2015

DEI and LLOYDZ Performance team up for Bonneville

Chasing 201.5 MPH in 2015

Avon Lake, OH - DEI is proud to announce they have partnered with LLOYDZ Motor Works in their quest to join the 200 plus Club at 2015 Bonneville Speed Trials. This year, Victory Motorcycles has donated a 2015 Victory Cross Country that forms the base of this salt slaying machine. In addition, this years' build will once again be built by the Pine Bush Helping with Horsepower/Engineering Academy, under the direction of LLOYDZ Motorworkz.

. The bike has already begun to take shape with a seamless airstream fairing constructed from a FARO Technologies 3-D printer."DEI is absolutely thrilled to join this effort," remarked DEI Powersports Brand Manager Brian VanKoevering "Unlike other forms of racing, Speed Trials face a unique set of challenges and it allows for some wonderful creativity when building a bike". 

"Bringing on DEI as a partner is great for the program. Their products and technical advice are great tools to have when building a bike like this." mentioned Lloyd Greer.

Interested in helping out this awesome program? Please contact Pine Bush Support and Enrichment Program, Inc. @ 845-744-2031 for more information.

 The 2014 team is back this year building up a new Victory Cross Country
About Pine Bush Helping with Horsepower/ Engineering Academy

The Pine Bush Helping with Horsepower and Engineering Academy is using a motorcycle as a


Familiebedrijven vormen de ruggengraat van de Nederlandse economie. Ze worden bijna altijd geleid door mensen die een langetermijnvisie hebben, zijn onafhankelijk van vreemde aandeelhouders, investeren in de toekomst en koesteren tradities. 

Van de Kuinder Motoren is zo'n bedrijf. Een zelfstandig, onafhankelijk familiebedrijf met een lange traditie van service.
De relatie tussen de Hilversumse motorzaak Van de Kuinder en het Japanse Yamaha gaat precies 50 jaar terug. In 1965 verkocht Wiebe van de Kuinder zijn allereerste Yamaha, een 250YDS, aan de heer De Haas uit Naarden. Yamaha was toen een net op de Nederlandse markt geïntroduceerd Japans motorfietsmerk dat met sportieve tweetakten de verstarde Europese motorwereld opschudde. 

Nu, in 2015, heeft Van de Kuinder een belangrijke stap gezet bij het verder aanhalen van de banden met Yamaha, door Exclusief dealer van het merk te worden. Dit betekent dat het bedrijf uit Hilversum zich, voor wat de verkoop van nieuwe motorfietsen betreft, volledig concentreert op het Yamaha-programma. Uiteraard blijven andere motormerken wel aanwezig in het grote aanbod gebruikte motoren en motorscooters.
De focus op één merk sluit goed aan op de ontwikkelingen op retailgebied, waarbij speciaalzaken succesvoller dan ooit zijn. Door zich toe te leggen op één motormerk, wil Van de Kuinder de motorrijder nog meer perfect van dienst kunnen zijn. Directeur Roger van de

Fotografe Robin de Puy op Harley-Davidson door de VS

Fotografe Robin de Puy op Harley-Davidson door de VS 
Bijzondere road trip Nederlandse fotografe
Rijswijk, 30 april 2015 - De Nederlandse fotografe Robin de Puy rijdt binnenkort op een Harley-Davidson met haar camera door de VS. Haar doel: een portretserie maken van bijzondere mensen die ze onderweg tegenkomt. De 10.000 kilometer legt ze af van 4 mei tot 4 juli 2015 op een Harley-Davidson Softail Slim. 

Voor de jonge en meest succesvolle Nederlandse fotografe van dit moment is de tour een bijzonder project. Zij krijgt de ene na de andere opdracht en heeft behoefte om weer vrij werk te maken en dus zelf te bepalen wie ze portretteert. 

“Mijn fotografie begon vanuit een nieuwsgierigheid naar de ander. Heel graag wil ik weer terug naar de basis, waarbij ik zelf bepaal wie ik fotografeer. In mijn fotografie is de keuze voor mijn onderwerp een essentieel onderdeel. Door twee maanden rond te rijden, onttrek ik me even aan alle vaste opdrachten en kan ik mijn eigen oog weer triggeren. Ik wil deze reis heel graag op een Harley-Davidson maken en heb daarin een samenwerking gevonden met Harley-Davidson Benelux”, zegt Robin de Puy. 

Anna Marie Deary, Marketing Manager van Harley-Davidson Benelux, vult aan: “Wij vinden het een heel mooie samenwerking. Robins sterke drang naar vrijheid om zelf te bepalen wat ze

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Klock Werks Launches “Out of the Vault” Series

Klock Werks Launches “Out of the Vault” Series 
to Highlight Timeless Customs

(Mitchell, SD) –Most known in the motorcycle industry for quality motorcycle parts and labeled as “air management experts” for their innovative and patented Flare™ Windshield, Klock Werks Kustom Cycles has an extensive collection of custom built motorcycles from it’s 18 year history in the motorcycle industry. 

"We decided to feature some of our past custom bikes as part of a series titled “Out of the Vault”. Klock Werks started like many shops with Brian Klock, Dan Cheeseman, and some “guys in a small garage”. Living in small town South Dakota meant they worked on anything that came through the door, and they quickly developed a reputation for being very diverse. Klock Werks built some baggers back before baggers were the rage, but there were also some pivotal customs built over the years. Every enthusiast enjoys looking at creative motorcycles, especially ones that stand the test of time. So we decided to pull some photos “Out of the Vault”, stated Laura Klock, Vice President of Klock Werks.

First up: The “Root Buell”! Root Buell was inspired by customer Robbie Pastor’s love affair with speed. The build started with a Buell powerplant and a bunch of NHRS service parts to

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Now at Parts Europe: Bobster Sunglasses


Coolness on the highest level with the "Charger" sunglasses from Bobster
Cool-looking, small price, the perfect choice for safety and style: The "Charger" sunglasses from Bobster combine easy-going look and high-speed-impact-rated polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog coating. The sleek and durable nylon frame provides comfortable fit. The "Charger" is available with smoke ad clear lenses and CE approved. Includes a microfiber carrying pouch.
                Coolness auf höchstem Niveau mit der "Charger"-Sonnenbrille von Bobster
Cool aussehen und sicher unterwegs sein zum kleinen Preis: Die "Charger"-Sonnenbrille von Bobster überzeugt mit lässiger Optik und Polycarbonat-Gläsern, die beschlaghemmend und bruchsicher sind. Das schlanke und langlebige Nylongestell sitzt angenehm am Gesicht. Die "Charger" ist mit klaren und getönten Gläsern erhältlich sowie CE-geprüft. Inklusive Microfaser-Tragehülle. 



Holland-based warehouse distributor Zodiac advertises with the slogan "parts and accessories for old and new Harley-Davidsons". For the good-old 750 side valve they have recently added some 500 part numbers in stock replacement parts, high performance items and accessories. This includes several items for the Servi-car three wheeler, the regular civilian W-models, as well as for military WLA and WLC models. 

As the stopping power back in those days wasn't really impressive your Zodiac dealer can now supply a double cam front brake for these models. The brake kit includes a drum, has a very close to stock appearance, is available in black with chrome or cad plated arms and is relatively easy to install. 
More info at

Another great performance item for the good-old 45 is a complete kit that converts the stock 3-speed gearbox into a 4-speed. This fits into the stock transmission housing and the only change

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The 2015 Kodlin masterpiece: F 32 Bagger

The 2015 Kodlin masterpiece: F 32
Introduction on Sylt/Germany: Europe's first 32-Inch Bagger. 
Full metal custom Bagger by Fred and Len Kodlin!

The expectations were running high: Following his awesome "Outtalimits" Bagger, introduced at Velden Casino during European Bike Week 2013, it took another year to take some time beside the booming business to create another Kodlin Megabike. Len Kodlin sketched the design about a year ago, but a private tour during Mallorca Bike Week 2014 got Fred Kodlin together with German V-Twin motor tuner Guenther Sohn, who saw the sketches and agreed to build the Twin Cam engine. The "countdown" then ticked down to the date of introduction,

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Ongeluk op A12 achter file door langzaam rijdende motorrijders van Satudarah MC

Ongeluk op A12 achter file door langzaam rijdende motorrijders van Satudarah MC

Op de A12 bij Gouda zijn zaterdagochtend vijf auto's op elkaar gereden. Dat gebeurde achter aan een opstopping die was ontstaan door een stoet van ongeveer tweehonderd motorrijders.
Dat melden de politie en de ANWB.

Volgens een politiewoordvoerder was er sprake van een "verkeersstagnatie" door een groep van ongeveer tweehonderd langzaam rijdende motorrijders. De auto's botsten achterop de langzaam rijdende file. Bij het ongeval raakten drie mensen zwaargewond. Zij zijn zwaargewond naar het ziekenhuis gebracht. Er zijn volgens de politie geen Satudarah-leden bij het ongeval betrokken.

De motorrijders reden in optocht om zich te verzamelen bij Gouda. Van daaruit zouden ze naar Apeldoorn rijden. Daar is een herdenking van het uitroepen van de Republiek der Zuid-Molukken (RMS) in 1950.

Alle rijstroken werden rond 12.45 uur weer vrijgegeven. De snelweg was urenlang dicht in de richting van Den Haag tussen Bodegraven en Gouda. Er ontstond een flinke file, in de staart waarvan bij Harmelen ook nog een auto over de kop sloeg. Kort voor 13.00 uur is de A12 weer opengegaan. Er stond 2 kilometer verkeer ingesloten tussen de afrit Bodegraven en de plaats van het ongeluk. Voor de afrit naar de N11 bij Bodegraven stond nog eens 10 kilometer file, meldde de ANWB.

Friday, 24 April 2015

S&S Cycle Flathead Power Brand Goes Back Home In Sweden To Anders Nygren.

S&S Cycle Flathead Power Brand Goes Back Home In Sweden To Anders Nygren.

You can bet that there is one happy man in Sweden…

S&S Cycle Inc. announced today that they are transferring ownership of the Flathead Power® brand back to Anders Nygren, the original founder of the Flathead Power company in Sweden free of charge. “We decided to discontinue using Flathead Power as a brand for our vintage product line about a year ago to consolidate our branding under the S&S Cycle name. We still owned the FHP trademark but had no plans to use it, so we decided to give it back to Anders.” says S&S Company president Paul Langley.

When we called Anders to give him the news he was overjoyed. “The happiness when Bruce and Eric called and told me that I could have my old company name back was overwhelming. To be able to use what once was the start of over 20 years of production. The first 12 in Sweden, and the rest in the US. Flathead Power, just a name, means a lot to me and my family, as the next generation is taking over the jug juggling. My son Magnus was born in 1995, Flathead Power started in 1993, so he grew up with this. I can only take my hat off and say: Thank You S&S Cycle and the guys involved!”

Anders Nygren started Flathead Power in Sweden in the early 1990s, mainly to provide impossible to find parts for his own vintage race bikes. His accomplishments as an engine builder and engineer were nothing short of amazing as he, for the most part, single handedly built his fledgling business into an internationally known source for quality reproduction and performance engine parts for vintage Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Unfortunately, Flathead Power fell victim to a turbulent economy. Anders lost ownership of the name and the company, and Flathead Power was forced out of business. Rather than allow Flathead Power to fade away, S&S Cycle purchased the company name and assets from the new owners in 2007. S&S used the Flathead Power brand for its vintage parts line, but S&S hasn’t forgotten the man who got it all started.

“The parallels between S&S Cycle’s early years and the story of Flathead Power are really quite remarkable.” Says former S&S company president and part owner Sam Scaletta. “We have a lot of respect for Anders, and we feel that returning the brand name to him is just the right thing to do.”

Eric Wangen, S&S project engineer and former product line manager for the Flathead Power line, tells us “Somehow the idea got started in the vintage community that S&S had taken advantage of Anders and cheated him. That’s just not the case. He’ll tell you the same thing. In fact, when he visited S&S back in 2011, we taped an interview with him and he tells the whole story. You can see it on YouTube.”

“Some folks might question the business wisdom of helping a guy who might eventually become a competitor in the vintage market, but sometimes business decisions need to be influenced by what’s right, and what’s fair, rather than just what’s best for the bottom line.” said Paul Devine S&S Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The transfer of Flathead Power trademark, brand name URL and Facebook page
 is effective March 24th, 2015.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Harley-Davidson maakt eventkalender 2015 bekend

Harley-Davidson maakt eventkalender 2015 bekend
Legendarisch motormerk organiseert groot aantal spectaculaire events in 2015

Rijswijk, 23 april 2015  – Harley-Davidson kondigt zijn evenementenkalender voor 2015 aan. Motorrijders in heel Europa en daarbuiten kunnen uitzien naar een groot aantal evenementen met elk zijn eigen karakter en sfeer. Hierdoor krijgen bezoekers op elke evenementslocatie een unieke ervaring en een onbedwingbare drang om op hun motor te stappen. Maar er zijn zeker ook constanten in alle evenementen: denk aan een programma van fantastische live-bands, custom bike-presentaties, proefritten, parades, een biker market en ride outs.
Het evenementenseizoen gaat van start in Grimaud, Frankrijk. Van 7 tot en met 10 mei 2015 vindt het negende jaarlijkse Harley-Davidson Euro Festival plaats in de Golf van Saint-Tropez aan de Côte d’Azur. Zoals altijd zal de sfeer tijdens dit steeds populairder wordende evenement aan het Zuid-Franse strand relaxt zijn. In 2014 kwamen er meer dan dertienduizend Harley-fans op af en de verwachting is dat het er dit jaar meer zullen zijn. Bezoekers genieten van de omgeving, luisteren naar muziek op het strandpodium en ontspannen in een van de vele bars en restaurants. Tickets voor het Euro Festival zijn verkrijgbaar voor slechts 32 euro.
Er zijn ook Harley- en H.O.G.-evenementen dichterbij huis, zoals de Benelux H.O.G Rally. Deze vindt dit jaar plaats van 12 tot en met 14 juni 2015 in Bergen (Mons), de Culturele Hoofdstad 2015 van Europa. Daar vinden bezoekers een Urban Rally met een grote diversiteit van activiteiten, mooie ritten in de omgeving en een geweldige line-up van bands voor zowel de vrijdag- als de zaterdagavond. Meer informatie op 

De Europese H.O.G. Rally is voor veel Harley-rijders elk jaar weer een hoogtepunt. Dit evenement vindt jaarlijks plaats op een andere locatie. De 24e editie is van 18 tot en met 21 juni 2015 in de Spaanse badplaats Puerto Sherry, vlakbij de Zuid-Spaanse stad Jerez. Het is de eerste keer dat Harley-Davidson hier een groot evenement organiseert - men verwacht meer

Firebrand Grand Prix Slip-Ons for Harley Touring and Street

New Firebrand Grand Prix Slip-Ons 
for Harley Touring and Street
Firebrand launches the Grand Prix line of Slip-Ons for Harley Street and Touring models

Anaheim, CA. April 23— Grand Prix Slip-Ons take Firebrand’s aggressive styling to the next level.  Inspired by the MotoGP race circuit, Grand Prix Slip-Ons are sure to stand out with their chrome honeycomb hex end treatments nesting inside contrasting black ceramic coated billet end caps. 

Don’t be fooled by their good looks, the Grand Prix Slip-Ons are not only for show.  Inside the 4” muffler bodies are free flowing, stainless perforated core baffles wrapped in dual-density packing.   Engineered from the inside out, Grand Prix slip-ons deliver increased performance throughout the RPM range, and a sound so deep you can feel it.  

As with all Firebrand products, The Grand Prix Slip-Ons are 100% hand crafted in Anaheim California, and feature Firebrand’s high quality fit and finish.  Touring slip-ons are available in chrome for $649.95 or black ceramic for $699.95, The Street slip-on in black ceramic retails for an exceptional value at $324.95.  All are currently available through your local HardDrive serviced dealer.  For more information visit

About Firebrand Design, LLC
Firebrand Design, LLC. manufactures and designs innovative products for motorcycles.  Their goal is to build a new place in the industry where passion meets cutting edge, and innovation drives the company. Firebrand products are distributed by HardDrive Parts, a division of Western Power Sports.  For more information visit
Aftermarket exhaust systems that remove OEM pollution control components are not permitted for street use in California.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sahabat Peringatan Ride Out 2015

Sahabat Peringatan Ride Out 2015

De achtste Peringatan Ride Out werd zaterdag 11 april gereden. 
Met honderden deelnemers die zich ’s morgens vroeg in Winterswijk verzamelden, 
werd het een indrukwekkende en vaak emotionele rit. 

Op uitnodiging van vrienden Sonny, Davy en James reed ik de rit mee, die ruim 190 kilometer lang was en langs vijf Molukse wijken in het oosten van Nederland voerde.

“De Peringatan Ride Out is een humanitaire invulling van een plechtige Molukse herdenkingsdag welke met respect en waardigheid gereden wordt. Iedereen die ons doel wil steunen mag hier aan deelnemen en wij als organisatie zullen niemand de mogelijkheid ontnemen om hun steun te betuigen.”

Lees het hele verslag van de Sahabat Peringatan Ride Out 2015 op bij Event Reports 

Bekijk alle foto's van de Sahabat Peringatan Ride Out 2015 op bij Photo Galleries 2015



Battery technology moves fast forward and these affordable Genuine Zodiac Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries provide a load of advantages compared to any conventional type of battery. 

They weigh a third, can survive five to six times more load sequences, up to six times the lifetime and provide up to 50% more Cranking amps than any lead-acid, AGM, or gel battery. Apart from this, Li-Ion batteries keep their load up to twice as long and can withstand up to ten times more Amps when charging, resulting in a much shorter charge time when riding or when connected to a battery charger. Don't be mislead by their size; a Li-Ion battery simply is that powerful. All Zodiac Li-Ion batteries come with one year limited warranty, feature quad poles and are supplied with plastic fillers to make sure they fit in your battery tray like a glove. 

Consequently we only have 4 part numbers to suit almost any 12-Volt Harley to present. Have a monster motor with high compression that is always a pain in the-you-know-where to start? Simply go for the Li-Ion battery with the highest capacity and there you go! Genuine Zodiac

Corbin Hollister “Biker Bob” Memorial Custom Bike Show

Corbin Announces 
Hollister “Biker Bob” Memorial Custom Bike Show
Hollister, CA – “The Annual Ride-In Bike Show has been dedicated to our recently departed friend, radio personality Biker Bob Warford. Bob started this bike show for us years ago and has been running it ever since. His dedication and time generously given to Corbin and the bike show participants out of his own enthusiasm for all things will be sincerely missed. Words cannot express our gratitude for the years we worked together, nor our sadness at his passing”, stated Mike Corbin, the “Idea Guy” at Corbin.

To honor his memory and continue what Bob started, Corbin contracted with the International Master Bike Builders Association to handle the judging and help Corbin to bring the show to a new level. Joe Distefano of Pro Riders Marketing graciously offered to step in as emcee. As always the show is open to all motorcycles and builders and is absolutely free to enter.

For 2015 Corbin has added cash prizes to go along with the traditional "Johnny" award. See

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ken’s Factory opens in US

Ken’s Factory opens in US

KEN Nagai, the President of Ken’s Factory in Nagoya, Japan, has appointed Nelson Kanno to head-up a new operation bringing the company’s parts line to the USA under the banner of Ken’s Factory USA.

“Ken is one of the few designer/builders who is still consistently getting six-figures for his brand of motorcycle elegance, and business is booming… so the desire is there,” says Nelson. “Streamlining product distribution in the US offers many the approachable chance to apply a taste of this exotic styling in the very home of this now global art form.”
As part of the new operation, the company has launched a website at, where dealers can register for a discount with the logon code: 24/7. 

Signal Hill, California, USA
Tel: 562 597 5666 

Klock Werks Announces Kevin Dunworth Of Loaded Gun Customs As Newest Team Member

Klock Werks Announces Kevin Dunworth Of Loaded Gun Customs As Newest Team Member!

(Mitchell, SD) –Kevin Dunworth, of Loaded Gun Customs Motorcycle Shop out of Selbyville, DE, has joined the progressive team of creative motorcycle family members at Klock Werks Kustom Cycles.  

Klock Werks is most known for it’s Original and patented Flare™ Windshield line of products along with its high quality offering of “bagger” sheet metal which are distributed through Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties.  Many may recognize Kevin as he has been featured on Cafe' Racer TV, makes appearances at several Industry trade shows, graced the pages of many motorcycle magazines, and most recently has built a bike for two time Gold Olympian Kallie Humphries On Velocity's television show "Naked Speed".

"I am very excited to throttle my career in the Motorcycle industry to the next level with the Klock Werks Team.  Having Friends, mentors, and leaders like Brian and Laura Klock have been instrumental in my chosen path to this point. I hope to benefit the goals of growth that they and their team strive towards by working with them." States Kevin Dunworth.

Kevin has jumped aboard team Klock Werks as a brand specialist, this means Kevin will be

Friday, 17 April 2015

Rick's extra far forward foot controls for all new Dyna-Models

Dyna far forward with Rick's!
Rick's extra far forward foot controls for all new Dyna-Models! 

If you ride one of the new Dyna-Models "Street Bob", "Fat Bob" or "Wide Glide" – and you're size still has problems with getting into an relaxed riding position on the  stock or available aftermarket forward controls of "Fat Bob" or "Wide Glide" (let alone the mid-mount position of the "Street Bob"), you will now find a "fitting" answer at Rick's Motorcycles of Baden-Baden/Germany: Rick's brandnew Dyna Forward Controls move the position of stock (or aftermarket) forward control AGAIN a solid 2.5 Inch forward  – AND all this with optionally retaining the stock exhaust-pipes as well as the available ground clearence!  Riding position of the mid-mounted "Street Bob" pegs is forwarded even further – and Rick's smart mouting brackets beat the stock and every other system on the market, being the "most forwarded controls" available. For long legged riders – those who can drop the basket ball into the net from atop – a great relief and the perfect solution for riding Dyna. 

Harley-Davidson's Dyna-models have a solid and well founded reputation for being "riding machines" – and have become especially popular after the introduction of the "Street Bob" in 2006: "We have taken great care in the optimisation of the riding ergonomy for bigger riders,

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Klock Werks KlipHanger Handlebars

Klock Werks KlipHanger Handlebars:
The Ultimate in Rider Comfort and Adjustability – At a New Lower Price!

(Mitchell, SD) – When Klock Werks designed the well received KlipHanger Handlebars, it was with individual rider comfort in mind. No two riders are the same, and Klock Werks innovative machined “Klamps” allow the control/grip portion of the KlipHanger Handlebar to be positioned exactly where you want your wrists to be, and then locked into place with the same technology clip-on race bars utilize. 

“Our popular KlipHanger Handlebar design blends clip-on race technology with a taller bar. The "Klamps" allow the control/grip portions of the handlebar to be adjusted in several directions, allowing the ultimate in personal adjustability and ride comfort. Multiple size offerings accommodate a large range of preferred riding positions. I think we are most excited to announce that we were able to reduce the price on these bars! We want everyone to be able to experience the improved comfort they provide, plus they add unique style to your bike,” stated Brian Klock, President of Klock Werks. 

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Erik Buell Racing Closed Its Doors

Erik Buell Racing Closed Its Doors With $20 Million In Outstanding Liabilities

Erik Buell Racing closed its business this Wednesday April 15, 2015 and filed for protection from its creditors  in Walworth County Circuit Court, Wisconsin. With outstanding bills of more than $20 million and unable to pay them Erik Buell Racing had no other choice than to close the doors of its facility in East Troy. All the EBR’s 126 employees have been laid off. “We thought we had secured funding, but in the end, we were not able to get that funding in place. Therefore, we need to do the best we can under the circumstances for all parties in interest” said Erik Buell.

Erik Buell Racing was created in 2009 when Harley-Davidson decided to drop the brand to focus on its own motorcycles and to reorganize the company. He invested his own money and later received financing from Hero MotoCorp, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in India. A  judge will establish the final tally of assets and liabilities and place the company in receivership, trying to find a buyer for the company or selling assets to pay all or part of the creditors. The total amount of EBR’s assets is unknown at this time. Sad day for the motorcycle industry.