Monday, 2 March 2015

Rene Nijdam wins 'Best of Show' Custom Bike Show MOTORbeurs Utrecht

René Nijdam wins 'Best of Show' 
at MOTORbeurs Utrecht Custom Bike Show

The bike has a handmade frame with integrated 'in frame' gastank. Both wheels are single side. Both wheels are aluminum handcrafted items, just like the single sided 'Twisted' front end. The single side swingarm contains the oil tank. 

Handgemaakt frame met in het frame de benzinetank. Eigenbouw uitlaatsysteem, enkelzijdige achterbrug met daarin de olietank, ook zelfgemaakt zijn de opvallende aluminium wielen.

Rene Nijdam and Motorcycle Storehouse Sales Rep Jarno Koster on stage.
Motorcycle Storehouse was the MOTORbeurs Utrecht Custom Bike Sponsor 
who generously donated a Springer front end!
Rene won the biggest trophy, a 1500 euro's cheque 
and a cool Motorcycle Storehouse Springer fork for his next project! 

Winning the biggest trophy is always nice!

Twisted forks, focus point of attention. Less is more, with a good eye for styling and details, that's the way Rene built his custom bike that actually rides very well!

De ‘twisted forks’, ook met enkelzijdige ophanging zijn een bijzonder aandachtspunt. 
Krachtbron is een H-D 1340 Evolution motorblok.

Powered by an Evolution 1340cc engine, with dual carb set-up
 and home-made exhaust system

More pictures of Rene Nijdam's winning bike at the MOTORbeurs Utrecht soon on my website. 
And of course all the other Custom Bike Show participants and lot's of photography of the MOTORbeurs Utrecht too! - Photo galleries 2015

Thanks to Motorcycle Storehouse and MOTORbeurs Utrecht 
for a great show!

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