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Veloce Book News - BSA 350, 441 & 500 Singles

New! Veloce Book News - BSA 350, 441 & 500 Singles

BSA 350, 441 & 500 Singles
STOP! Don’t buy a BSA 350 or 500 single until you’ve first bought this book! 

By Peter Henshaw 
19.5x13.9cm • 64 pages • 103 pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845847-56-2
£ 12.99 (for eBooks this varies and delivery is free) 

• A no-nonsense, straightforward guide to buying a unit single BSA
• Includes guide prices for spare parts
• Lists each model’s relative value
• Detailed guide to purchasing, with points to look for
• Advice on buying by auction
• Should you restore, or pay more to start with?
• Shows problems caused by lack of use
• BSA 350 & 500 singles facts & figures
• Useful contacts, including clubs, parts suppliers, and restorers
• Describes the realities of living with a BSA unit single 
All you need to know about buying a used BSA unit single, from the very first 250cc C15 to the final 500cc B50. Get the low-down on model histories, relative values, points to look for, plus
advice on paperwork, auctions and restorations, and more. 

The BSA unit singles – 250, 350, 441 and finally 500cc – may not have been the most glamorous product of the British motorcycle industry, but they were the 'first bikes' for thousands of learner riders and had a great track record in scrambling and motocross.
 Today, they offer a simple and affordable entry into the world of British classic machines, with a whole range of sizes. Spares are still available, as is friendly and knowledgeable fellow owners. 

 Following the tried-and-tested Veloce Essential Buyer’s Guide format, this book delves into what it’s like to live with one of these bikes, and the values, advantages and disadvantages of the different models. Plus, of course, what you need to look for when buying one – the engine, transmission, frame, brakes, suspension, paint, chrome … and everything else! 
Additional Information
A unique buying guide to one of the definitive British four-stroke singles of the 1960s.

 Full of first-hand information and advice on every aspect of these British classics.

 Covers the period 1958-73, and the following models:

 C15 - 1958-67
 C15 SS80 - 1961-65
 B40 - 1961-65, 1967
 B40 SS90 - 1962-67
 C25 Barracuda - 1967
 B25 Starfire - 1968-70
 B44 range - 1966-70
 B25SS Gold Star - 1971-72
 B25T Victor Trail - 1971-72
 B50SS Gold Star - 1971-73
 B50T Victor Trail - 1971-73  

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