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Techno-Classica Essen 2015

Techno-Classica Essen 2015 
The world show of automotive passion from 15* to 19 April 2015 

* 15 April 2015: Happy View Day / Preview 

The world’s largest classic show with official presentation of more than 25 brands 
from the international vehicle industry 

More than 1,250 exhibitors from more than 30 nations have secured the 
presentation space of the 27th Techno-Classica Essen 2015 up to the last square 
metre: About eight weeks prior to the start of the classic show, all 120,000 square 
metres of exhibition space in the 20 halls and on the four open-air grounds of 
Messe Essen are occupied. Also in this year, the Techno-Classica Essen 2015 will 
be more than just the “World Show for Vintage, Classic & Prestige Automobiles, 
Motor Sport, Motorcycles, Spare Parts and Restoration - World Club Meeting”, as 
it is described by its subtitle. With more than 220 exhibiting classic clubs and 
communities of interest, it is again the world’s largest club meeting of the vintage 
and young classic car scene. And the presentations of more than 25 German and 
international automobile manufacturers, mostly put on with elaborate effort, make 
the Techno-Classica also in this year again the largest history show of the 
automobile industry throughout the world. 

With their presence, the automobile manufacturers demonstrate the importance 
they attach to the demonstration of their histories towards the international 
audience of the Techno-Classica Essen. They also prove: Only the passion is 
sustainable! Some companies have already announced initial information on their 
appearance – below in alphabetical order: 

. Audi presents 80 years of convertibles and roadsters themed “The Sky is 
the Limit“ (“Nach oben offen”) under the sign of the four rings. 
. The Autostadt does not only celebrate “15 Years of Autostadt”, but also 
presents interesting automobile pairs themed “Beziehungs-Kisten”. 
. Bentley plans to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the legendary Bentley 
Speed Six “Blue Train”. 

. Bugatti looks back to 10 years of Bugatti Veyron. 
. Citroën states as theme for the brand DS: “1955-2015 - 60 Years of DS”. 
It is not yet clear which models will be shown by the French manufacturer. 
. Ford celebrates the anniversary “50 Years of Ford Transit“ together with 
15 Ford clubs and shows commercial and emergency vehicles of the brand. 
And for the anniversary “50 Years of Ford GT 40”, the club “Ford GT 40 
Freunde Deutschland” is for the first time at the exhibition booth with two 
exhibits on display. 
. Mercedes-Benz deals with the legendary Mille Miglia win of the 300 SLR in 
the year 1955, as well as with the issue of aerodynamics. For this purpose, 
the company from Stuttgart presents their exhibits together with all 
German Mercedes-Benz classic clubs on their huge exhibition space in hall 
1. Special exhibits are the 300 SLR “722” Mille Miglia winner car as well as 
for the topic of aerodynamics the modern CLA 45 Shooting Brake, an E 
500 (1994), a C 111-III (1978), a W 196 R Formula 1 streamline (1954), 
the legendary 540 K streamline automobile (1938), the W 25 record car 
(1936) and the monumental Blitzen Benz (1909). 
. Opel plans to present “Design” as the main focus at their exhibition space, 
in connection with the 50th anniversary of the first Opel concept car, the 
Opel Experimental GT. 
. Porsche themed their presentation “30 Years of Porsche 959“. 
. Rolls-Royce celebrates 90 years of Phantom – and showcases one historic 
and one modern exemplar of the brand’s legendary luxury model. 
. Skoda reminds us of the company’s establishment 120 years ago, 
celebrates 110 years of automobile building and refers to 40 years of 
Skoda RS. 
. SEAT shows “special prototypes for VIPs“, such as the SEAT “1400 Visitas“ 
and the “600 Savio” with removable roof – vehicles which have never 
been seen on a show in Germany. 
. Volkswagen Classic, the history division of Volkswagen, presents on the 
occasion of the anniversary “40 Years of Volkswagen Polo” six special 
contemporary witnesses, as for example the Polo WRC. 
. Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge Oldtimer (vintage commercial vehicles 
division) deals with the topic “30 Years of Syncro” and shows the T3 
Tristar and an object of restoration. 
. Volvo shows on their large exhibition area in hall 3, themed “The Bertone 
Volvos” the fascinating automobiles created by the Italian designer Bertone 
for the Swedish company Volvo. Five Bertone Volvos can be seen in 
Essen: The highlight is the 262C Solaire Convertible – one of only five 

exemplars built in the year 1981. In addition, the Swedish company 
presents two special 262C coupés from the year 1981, and two Volvo 780 
Two-door cars from the years 1985 and 1989. 

Largest offering of international classic dealers: more than 2,500 collector’s 
automobiles on sale 

In the more than 25 years of its existence, the Techno-Classica Essen became the 
most important meeting point and largest trading centre of the international classic 
scene: More than 2,500 classic cars and collector’s vehicles, young classic cars and 
prestige automobiles are on sale. Meanwhile, the specialist dealers just as the more 
than 190,000 visitors do not only come from Europe but also from overseas. 
Now, also exhibitors from North and South America and even from China 
present amongst others, their offerings. 

In addition, there are so many restorers, component suppliers, vendors of 
automotive literature, spare parts dealers, accessories suppliers, watch and 
technology sellers, artists and gallery owners at the Techno-Classica Essen as at no 
other classic show in the world. You can see virtually everything around vintage 
and young classic cars on the five days of the show. Therefore, the classic scene 
will meet again from 15 to 19 April 2015 at the Techno-Classica Essen. 

Special exhibition: Tourist Trophy with racing cars from Alfa Romeo, Bentley, 
Bugatti, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz 

In the centre of the Techno-Classica Essen, the organiser S.I.H.A. presents in hall 6 
a fascinating special exhibition with rare and spectacular historic racing cars, which 
have one thing in common: They all started at the end of the 1920s for the 
legendary Tourist Trophy in Ireland – an automobile street race which was hosted 
from 1905 to 1936, and occasionally even counted as sports car world 
championship. It is expected that ten classic racing cars of the brands Alfa Romeo, 
Alvis, Austin, Bentley, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, OM and Riley will bring the 
fascination of this spectacular race into the Essen exhibition halls. 

The common denominator is the passion for the automobile as a cultural asset. It 
is not the market value, which lets the hearts of the vintage car lovers beat faster, 
nor is it the financial investment or the expected return of an automobile 
investment: It is the fun in the common hobby – collector’s automobiles. The 
passion for individual mobility, the awareness for landscape and speed, as well as 
the fascination for outstanding design and technical solutions from all eras of 
automobile history styling unites all parties involved in the Techno-Classica Essen: 
Exhibitors just like guests. And will continue this way in the future – sustainability 
par excellence. The leading meeting point and trade centre of the international 
classic society will continue to update its lively success story also in the year 2015. 
Tradition obliges! 

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