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Is this the first electric custom motorcycle?! The Brammo Empulse ‘Red Cobra’ Custom by Electric Motorcyles

‘Red Cobra’
  Brammo Empulse ‘Red Cobra’ Custom by Electric Motorcyles

Marchel Bulthuis, the owner of Electric Motorcyles, based in Eenrum, The Netherlands, built a Brammo Empulse ‘R’ custom motorcycle. Probably the first electric custom motorcycle!

Marchel Bulthuis, owner of Electric Motorcyles, The Netherlands

“We used a Brammo Empulse ‘R’ and customized it,” Marchel explains, “It very well might be the first customized electric bike. We used a Brammo Empulse and while customizing it, we developed a series of custom parts for it, like sliders, a license plate holder, indicators and much more. People react very positively, so we are already thinking of extending the line of parts, even setting up a series of Brammo customs, available in different colour schemes.”

Most eye-catching is the colour, called ‘Red Cobra’. It is a Hydrotransfer, applied by Rick vd Laan of H20 Foliedip in Ruinerwold. The wheels and battery boxes are painted in matching
Firetruck Red.

“We also used some nice accessories to pimp the Brammo,”says Marchel, “such as the Clip-on handlebars and Superbike Style handlebar ends in combination with the Kellerman BL2000 Led Superbright indicators. Because this bike is going to be ridden, and ridden fast, we’ve attached several sliders to protect the bike. The Sliders on the swingarm serve also as keepers for a paddock stand. And there are special sliders up front and of course frame sliders.

 The stock taillight and licenceplate holder have been removed and a custom made licenseplate holder with a pair of Kellermann indicators is used, in which the brakelight is integrated. Licenseplate illumination is taken care of by an R&G Led light.

A Pro-Oiler GPS activated chain lubrication system is used, the rear sprocket has been replaced by a Renthal 42 tooth sprocket and the chain by an RK GB520GXW  Goldline chain.

Photo’s by Onno "Berserk" Wieringa @ Madness Photography. ( )

Specifications and Special Parts
Colour: Red Cobra Hydroprint / Watertransfer on body Parts and battery boxes
Colour Deails: Front Fender, Head Liht Bezel, Hugger and Cover. Carbon Parts, OEM Brammo
Licenseplate Holder: Custom Made
Tail Light: Brake and Tail Light integrated in Kellermann Indicators
Indicators Front: LED-Handlebar Ends by Kellermann
Protectors: Sliders on swingarm (dual purpose as they also serve as paddock stand keepers), frame and front axle
Handlebars: 53 mm Clip-ons, with GP-style handlebar ends
Drivetrain: 42 tooth, Renthal sprocket with Goldline 520 chain, Pro-Oiler GPS activated chain lubrication system

Engine Type: Parker GVM IPM
Enginer Controller: Sevcon Gen 4, Size 6 (650A peak)
Max Power Output: 40 kW, @ 6.000 rpm (54 HP)
Nominal Power:  22 kw (minimaal A2 – Drivers License in Europe)
Max Torque: 63 Nm,  90 NM in Sport mode
Final drive: RK GB520GXW (Goldline)
Transmission: IET 6 speed with multiple, wet plates clutch
Emission: NONE

Battery Type:  Brammo Power BPM 15/90 Lithium-Ion (NCM)
Battery Capacity: 9.31 kWh (nominal), 10.2 kWh (max)
Battery Voltage: 103.6 V (Nominal), 117 Vdc (max)
Charging Time:  
2 Hours (typical from 20% up to 80%)
3,5 Hours (From 0 up to 100%)
10 minutes for every 5 mls / 8 km
Lifespan after 1500 load cycles minimal still 80% 
Top Speed: 177 km/h (110 mls)
In combination with charging: about 300 km / 190 mls a day
City Use: 206 km / 130 mls. (at an avarage of 30 km/h / 19 mls.)
Highway Use: 93 km / 60 mls. (Continuous 113 km/h / 70 mls.)
Combination of both: 129 km / 81 mls.
Engine Brake: When throttle is closed, the electric engine is used as a dynamo.
50% in normal mode and 100% in Sport mode

Frame: Brammo Aluminum E-Beam, produced by Accossato (Italy)
Sub-Frame: Round Tube, produced by Accossato (Italy)
Achterbrug:  produced by Accossato (Italy)
Suspension Front: Fully adjustable 43 mm Marzocchi
Suspension rear: Fully adjustable Sachs

Brakes (front)
Two 310 mm Brembo floating discs with hydraulic radial 4-pison calipers

Brakes (rear)
   Brembo single dic with 2-piston caliper

17" x 3,5" Marchesini - 17" x 5,5" Marchesini
Tyres: Continental 120-70 ZR17, 58W - 180-55 ZR17, 73W
Instruments: LCD Display: speed, rpm’s, odo and trip, gear indicator, usage of energy,  battry percentage, estimated range and system status

 Electric motorcycles Nederland
Molenstraat 23
9967SL Eenrum
+31 085-4016222

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