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BEST OF Italy! 

CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS WINNER: „Graphite Speedster“ by Winston Yeh, Rough Crafts 

Winston Yeh can be seen as one of the true shooting stars of the custom scene worldwide: Although his home turf Taiwan produced a lot of custom parts in the last decades, big displacement motorcycles are only street-legal for a very short time!
He saw the chance of building high class and „daily riders“ at his Taiwan-based workshop of „Rough Crafts“ – and touring Europe with his recent masterpiece „Graphite Speedster“ got 
him international recognition – and a lot of trophies too! The immaculate handcrafted masterpiece has an extremely modified stock frame with aluminum sections and one central shock under the seat, although the rear end is looking like a rigid frame! 

Craftmanship is outstanding, as most of the electrical system is hidden inside the left half of the tank, which can be taken off in seconds to check cabling and fuses. Wiring and cables 
are neatly hidden from view and the excellent CNC-machining catches the eye from all angles.
The „Twin Cam“ motor is equipped with two carbs, feeding two front cylinders to achieve the distinctive „Bobber-Racer“ look of the motorcycle. All-billet Springer front fork adds to the super-clean look that continues in the elegant paintjob, which is „hopped-up“ with gold leaf inserts and elegant deep blue.

The „Rough Craft“ booth in Hall 1 was well visited during the 2015 MOTOR BIKE EXPO and it is certain that this won‘t be the last we will see from Winston. As stated: Customizing business in Taiwan itself has barely started – but what an impressive result already! 


„Calibernia“ by Hard Nine Chopper & LASpeed Shop 

In an unique team-up of international customizers, this years „Jammer Old School Class“ winner is the result of the combined ideas and effort of Switzerlands Danny Schneider (Hard Nine Choppers) and California-based Chris Richardson of LA Speed Shop fame. 

Discussions and argument exchanges over the distance of 1/3rd of the globe were intense (thanks also to little overlapping time!), but the resulting hardcore Chopper is in the true West Coast Spirit, just as it would have been in the early Seventies. „Split“ Panhead-style head 
covers and numerous details are hammered out in detail with the marvellous craftsmanship for which both builders are known worldwide! And both had a hell of a party in Verona! 

www.hardninechoppers.com & http://LAspeedshop.com 


U199 RB Racing Power by Asso Special Bikes

Asso Special Bike and Carlo Colombo are well established for their radical designs. Their booth has been a centerpiece of the Verona BIKE EXPO ever since its introduction. It is always 
hard to imagine how they can top the performance of last years RevTech-powered extreme-custom (since they are somewhat of a series-winner of this class), but they did it again!

The „U199 RB“ is the latest bike and certainly most radical of the series, unveiled at the 2015 MOTOR BIKE EXPO in Verona. Named after its dramatic weight drop below the 200 kg mark for a V-twin powered custombike, the 16 kg frame is completely made from aluminum, a single down tube splits into two boxshaped tubes that hold engine and gearbox. This time, the ASB-
team introduced a single-side front fork with the bike!


MODIFIED HARLEY CLASS WINNER: „Harton“ by Stile Italiano 

Based in the spa mountains near Padua, „Stile Italiano“ is by far not just limited to motorcycles, let alone to Harley-Davidson! This Shop has restored/customized/modified hundreds of vehicle to showstyle level, both fit for the road and ready to win a contest!

If you think a Evo-period „Sportster“ is only a useless piece of crap, „Stile Italiano“ can work wonders! As they did with their Harley/Norton Crossover Café Racer that is – the image says it already – christened „Harton“. Excellent craftsmansship in the bodywork parts, mixed with 
the best choice in spoke wheels and period drum brakes grant an totally authentic „Café Racer“ experience, both in style and riding. Of course, lots of Italian components for brakes and Suspension were used on this project, with hand-hammered oil and fuel tank by Stile 


CCE Verona MOTOR BIKE EXPO group shot: This years activities included a seminar for the new „Magnaflow“ exhaust parts and Friday morning „CCE invited the press for a press conference at which the plans for the 2015 „Bolt On and Ride“ Motorcycles were announced. 

A double „wow“ for the 2015 MOTOR BIKE EXPO: Bigger, more bikes, more customs and the introduction of the „World Custom Conference“ added „more Custom“ into an already popular custombike event. Showtime in Verona is always a special date in the calendar, as 
Italian builders create some of the most unique machines in Europe – and they are the first to present them to international press and the public every new year! More bikes – most of which were new builds -flooded the show hall with creativity and ideas: Verona is one of the driving forces, starting the 2015 season with a big bang! 

The Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series teamed up with Italy’s biggest Custom-Motorcycle Show in 2012 for an exciting Italian Championship and renewed their task again for 2015! Custom Chrome Europe and the Motor Bike Expo team of Verona have a 
history that dates back to the times when CCE was founded. As a sponsor for various bikeshows during the Bike Expo’s history, Custom Chrome Europe had always donated valuable prices in the past – and since 2012 the entire event in Verona has become a part of 
the Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series. 

Custom Chrome Europe has always recognized the importance of this season-opening event which is the top showcase to introduce new parts, new ideas and new bikes! The 2015 catalog in the final stages at this time of the year, Verona is the place to see the new parts – and maybe use them in the next project, since on the north side of the alps, riding season is still about two months away! Graced by superb weather, MOTOR BIKE EXPO again attracted record 
crowds and most of the South European custombike dealers attend or visit this important event. Verona 2015 broke all previous records with superb and extraordinary custom motorcycles, without doubt the biggest and best turnout ever – and more Custombikes 
than ever before were „nominated“ to participate!“As a major change, the Café Racer/Dirt Track Style motorcycles moved from hall 1 to occupy a major portion of hall 4, expanding the 

Underlining the creativity of the Italian Customizers, the #2 place in the Championship class „Fiat Abarth“ is a completely handcrafted one-off by North Coast Customs framing the famous Fiat „Cinquecento“ twin into a motorcycle frame! Amazing detailling and outstanding craftsmanship with very few aftermarket components and a lot of creativity! 

 TOP: Radical motorcycle design from Spain is the trademark of Sergio Bayarri and his S-Bay motorcycles. „Omega“ is a V-Rod powered sportbike of radical design and look. And rather than being an one-off, it is meant as a production bike! 

custom segment of the show considerably and made it even more challenging to nominate the incredible amount of top custombikes of all styles. „The Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series is created to allow the bike builders to win trophies, valuable vouchers for CCE parts – and get more international recognition for the Italian builders“, adds Scholz, „we recognize and value the creativity and diversity of the Italian builders who have also made a great impact in the pages of our catalog, now distributing their parts all over the 
world. “The ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP is an important date of our show series.” 
What Custom Chrome Europe is also recognizing – since it is partnering with most Italian Custombike Magazines – is the quality and level of organization at the various bike shows going on at Motor Bike Expo: “We would and did not interfere or collide with any bikeshow 
the magazines or other organizations were running,” says Scholz, “our prices were given away to the widest possible number of entries – all motorcycles present at the 2015 Motor Bike Expo. As established by our European Championship in Mainz, we teamed up with national and international magazines and international builders, to get the best bikes of Verona awarded.” 
Categories were the established Championship Class, Modified Harley Class, RevTech Performance Class and Jammer Old School Class, all of which were awarded 1st-3rd place not only with trophies but also with CCE sales credit vouchers for a total of € 10.000,00!! 

„We stick to what we promise and we continue to support Custombike building“, states Scholz, who at the Verona Motor Bike Expo promoted the 2015 „Bolt On and Ride“ Bikes, ready to hit the road in March. 
The 2015 „Road Glide“ Bagger that was unveilled at the CCE Press Conference was a glimpse of things to come! With move to the new huge warehouse near Bingen/Germany now complete, CCE means „business“.
Education and support of the dealer network will be a major task for 2015, as products and bikes become more complex. One Seminar/Product introduction was even held during MBE inside the VIP section of the CCE booth for Italian customizers, introducing the new „Magnaflow“ exhausts line.

  2nd place in Jammer Old School for another superb Knucklehead 
by Retro-Style specialist Abnormal Cycles.


 3rd place went to Radikal Garage 
and their stunning engraved Shovelhead „Sucker Punch“. 

 #2 Modified Harley: Buell/Sportster by Bonnies Art Factory

  Great Shovelhead Custom by Allessandro Castellane 
scored a great 3rd position in „Modified Harley“. 

More than 70 bikes out of a number of probably 500+ possible custombikes at this event were nominated and marked with special Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series markers, from which a selected international panel of judges, both from press and customaftermarket 
professionals selected the winners, while an estimated crowd of 130.000+ stormed the event. 
Custom Chrome Europe announced its plans for the 2015 „Bolt On and Ride“ bikes, of which 4 more are currently „under construction“ at 5 different German top-customizers, details can be seen on www. Custom-Chrome-Europe.com homepage and CCE‘s Facebook site.
Parts of the upcoming 45th catalog edition were already on display, while the 44th catalog still sold well at the event! CCE stays focussed on the Italian market, which is one of the biggest motorcycle markets in Europe: “We see this as a win-win situation for both, the Custom 
Chrome International Bike Show Series and the Motor Bike Expo”, says Scholz, “Italy is an important market for Harley-Davidson and the Aftermarket – and our show concept underlines this fact. In the last years, great custom motorcycles were built in Italy – and I am certain we haven’t seen the last of them!” Verona 2015 was an excellent start into the season! 

Text: HRF, Photos: Horst Roesler/Motographer 

Italian Championship 2015 - RESULTS 

01. Hard Nine Choppers, (Switzerland) + LA Speed Chop/USA „Calibernia“
02. Abnormal Cycles (Italy) Knucklehead 
03. Radikal Chopper (Italy) „Sucker Punch“ 

01. Asso Special Bike, Carlo Colombo (Italy) U199 RB Racing Power02. S-Bay (Spain) „Flying S-Bay“
03. MS Atrix (Italy) „Vulture“ 

01. Stile Italiano (Italy) „Harton“
02. Bonnies Art Factory (Italy) Sportster Racer03. Allessandro Castellane (Italy) Blue 1980 Shovel 

01. Rough Crafts, (Taiwan) „Graphite Speedster“
02. North Coast Customs (Italy) FIAT Abarth Bike 
03. S-Bay (Spain) „OMEGA“ 
Italian Championship 2015 - RESULTS 

01. Hard Nine Choppers, (Switzerland) + LA Speed Chop/USA „Calibernia“
02. Abnormal Cycles (Italy) Knucklehead 
03. Radikal Chopper (Italy) „Sucker Punch“ 

01. Asso Special Bike, Carlo Colombo (Italy) U199 RB Racing Power02. S-Bay (Spain) „Flying S-Bay“
03. MS Atrix (Italy) „Vulture“ 

01. Stile Italiano (Italy) „Harton“
02. Bonnies Art Factory (Italy) Sportster Racer03. Allessandro Castellane (Italy) Blue 1980 Shovel 

01. Rough Crafts, (Taiwan) „Graphite Speedster“
02. North Coast Customs (Italy) FIAT Abarth Bike 
03. S-Bay (Spain) „OMEGA“ 

January 23rd – 2th 2015, Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series Italian Championship 2015. The 2015 edition of the MOTOR BIKE EXPO SHOW in Verona/Italy again attracted the best bikes of Italy and Europe. In continuation of the “Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series” more than 70 bikes out of some 400+ customized motorcycles 

present were nominated for this show which is a co-operation between MOTOR BIKE EXPO VERONA and CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE. 


RevTech Performance Class 

The RevTech Performance Class is for bikes built around any platform of RevTech motor. Any modification can be made to frame, motor, sheet metal or components in the RevTech Performance Class. Use of aftermarket or custom parts is acceptable. The bike must be entered by the builder. 

Modified Harley Class

In the Modified Harley class the frame and motor must be original equipment from Harley-Davidson. This includes all Screamin’ Eagle and special equipped bikes from the factory or any year or model. Any modification may be made to the frame, motor or sheet metal. The engine cases must remain original equipment, however any modification to the cylinders and heads may be made. Use of aftermarket or custom parts is acceptable. The bike must be entered by the builder. 

Championship Class

The Championship Class is the premier class at all Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series events. This class features one off custom bikes, with no strings or rules of design attached. There are no limitations or structure of the entries in this class. The Championship Class is a showcase for true fusion design where the motorcycle builders are free to explore and push the boundaries of what makes a custom motorcycle. The bike must be entered by the builder. 

Jammer Old School Class 

The Jammer Old School Class is for bikes that represent the retro and old school lifestyle. The Jammer Old School Class is focused on bikes built with retro styling and motors. Any frame or drivetrain may be used that keeps the Old School theme to the bike. Motors should be of vintage or retro style platform. Any fabrication is acceptable to the motor, frame, sheet metal or components. Use of aftermarket or custom parts is acceptable in the Original Old School Class. The bike must be entered by the builder. 

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