Saturday, 28 February 2015

E.J. Cole Antique Motorcycle Auction

E.J. Cole Antique Motorcycle Auction

Only a few motorcycle collectors have seen the E.J. Cole collection in Texas, but most would agree it's one of the oldest and finest when you are talking early American antique motorcycles.

 Cole has been hunting, picking and collecting for decades, and started early so things like his Merkel and Cyclone racers, the rarest of the rare, are in the group. 

And it's up for auction at the MECUM E.J. Cole sale in Las Vegas, March 20 and 21. Here's a link you can go to and review over 200 motorcycles that will be available. E.J. Cole Auction.  

The Museum plans to have a display at the auction to meet and greet all the bidders at what is likely to be the sale of the century.

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