Friday, 6 February 2015

Aerocharger turbo systems

Aerocharger turbo systems

Aerocharger has turbo systems for fuel injected Harley-Davidson applications that are a bolt-on fit, and use variable-vane turbos for the highest efficiency.

The 53 Series turbo chargers by Aerocharger are available to fit FL models from ’08 onwards with displacements of 88-142ci. The turbo units used by Aerocharger utilize VATN technology, where a variable vane formation perpetually optimizes the compressor ratio to the engine. This is said to completely eliminate turbo lag.  It is a self-contained unit that doesn’t rely on engine oil pressure due to a self-contained oil supply, and nor does it require a wastegate for the exhaust gases.  The side-mount air to air intercooler, which is supplied as part of the package, is claimed to be the largest in the industry.
Aerocharger claims that an install on an otherwise stock 2015 Road Glide will produce 137hp and 151ft.lbs torque.

New Century, Kansas, USA
Tel: 913 829 3400

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