Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Roadsmith Indian-Roadmaster Trike

Introducing the Industry's First Indian-Roadmaster Trike!

The Roadsmith IC-R

We are proud to introduce the industry's first Indian-Roadmaster trike. Having a very deep history with convering the Indian brand, we were eager to get our hands on their new touring edition of the Polaris based motorcycle. Unique styling and incredible performance are the hallmarks of the new Indian brand and these will not be lost on the trike version. Taking its
styling cues from the Indian’s iconic, curvaceous fenders, the new Roadsmith Indian Trike looks as if it slipped out of the same time machine as the motorcycle itself. 

As for the performance, the Indian’s new 111 cu. in. motor is incredibly smooth and powerful and will easily propel this new trike to comfortable cruising speeds and beyond.  Adding Roadsmith’s proven, silent, electric reverse, while retaining the bike’s ABS braking system, promises complete control of the trike, no matter which direction the rider is headed. 

Roadsmith & Roadmaster: A winning combination!  

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