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AMA Pro Flat Track Rookie Class of '79 and Friends

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AMA Pro Flat Track Rookie Class of '79 and Friends for 2015

AMA Pro Flat Track Rookie Class of '79 and Friends 

The organization is dedicated to AMA Pro Flat-Track Rookie's Class of '79 Wayne Rainey, Charlie Roberts, Tommy Duma, Ronnie Jones, Scott Parker, Jackie Mitchell, Lance Jones and their friends who are working tirelessly to raise funds to help injured AMA Pro Flat Track
riders and their families.

The "Class of '79 and Friends

• Began racing at age 9
• Rookie Expert #8E at age 18
• Converted to road racing in 1980
• Back on a flat track for one final race in October 1982 finishing 4th
• 2-time AMA Superbike Champion
• 3-time 500CC World Road Racing Champion
• Became paralyzed after a crash in Italy in 1993
• Headed up his own Grand Prix racing team from 1994 to 1998
• Retired from racing in 1988
• His KRAVE Group is taking over MotoAmerica Road Racing in 2015

• Got his first motorcycle at age 6
• Began racing flat track and motocross at age 12
• Won his first amateur championship in 1976
• Junior National Champion in 1978
• Rookie Expert #40X at age 17
• AMA Rookie of the Year in 1979
• 3-time AMA Pro Athlete of the Year
• 9-time AMA Grand National Champion
• 94 AMA Grand National wins
• Retired from racing in 2000

• His mother got him involved in racing at age 8
• Won district, state and national championships on 125CC and 250CC - 1972 to 1975
• Turned pro in 1976 but quit to attend to his mother who was battling cancer
• Returned to racing in 1977 - won 15 races that year
• Won 12 races during his Junior Year - 1978
• Inducted into the Ohio Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1978
• Rookie Expert #26F
• Finished 9th at the DuQuoin Mile his rookie expert year - 1979
• Career ending crash in 1981 at the Indianapolis Mile
• Now operates Thom Duma Fine Jewelers - the Official Jeweler of AMA Pro Flat Track 

• Got his first mini bike at age 5
• Started racing at age 6
• Won several District 17 Titles
• Amateur National Champion in 1976 at age 15 - won 17 main events
• Won Novice Class National Title in 1977
• Finished 3rd in the Junior Division in 1978
• Rookie Expert #29P
• Made the main event at Louisville Downs in his rookie expert season
• Retired from racing in 1984
• He is now an Insurance Producer

• Got his first mini bike at age 7
• Began racing a Suzuki 50 on both flat track and motocross courses at age 11
• Raced flat track (Honda CR125) and road courses (Yamaha TA125) at age 14
• AMA Amateur National Champion in the 251-360CC class at age 15
• Finished 2nd in the Western Region Flat Track Championship
• 1st in Western Region and 1st in National Points as a Junior in 1978
• Rookie Expert #5Q
• Made the main events at Castle Rock TT, Ascot TT, Ascot Half-Mile and Peoria TT as a rookie expert
• From 1995 to 2006 he rode some West Coast 883 Nationals, select flat track events, and some Amateur 600CC road races
• Retired from racing following the 2006 season and recently came out of retirement to return to active competition

• Got his first motorcycle at the age of 8
• At age 11, he finished 4th place in his first race
• Known to his friends as "Flash"
• Rookie Expert #98G
• Won 10 AMA Grand National events during his career
• He finished 3rd in points in 1990 and again in 1991
• Has made a main event in at least one GNC National in the last 5 decades
• Made GNC main events on Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and H-D
• Promoted AMA GNC events for 10 years and won the first national he promoted
• Oldest rider to make a GNC main event at 53 and 11 months finishing 11th

• Started racing competitively at age 11
• Turned pro at age 16
• Was a multi-time national amateur champion, racing all over the country
• Named Motorcyclist Magazine's Novice Dirt Track Rider of the Year
• Inducted into the Ohio Motorcycle Hall of fame
• Rookie Expert #66H
• Won numerous victories and awards throughout his professional career
• Had a very successful professional career racing the AMA's Grand National Camel and Winston Pro Series

• His mom bought him his first mini bike at age 10
• Turned pro in 1976
• In 1977, he raced in 45 events winning 33 of them on Triumphs and Bultacos
• Finished 2nd behind Eddie Lawson in his first novice road race in Daytona
• Later that day, he was the only junior to make the junior/expert combined event at the Memorial Stadium short track and ran away from the field
• AMA Eastern Regional Dirt Track Junior Champion and Cycle News East named him "Rider of the Year" for 1977
• Rookie Expert #23C
• Nicknamed "Romance"!
• Was co-sponsor of AMA Pro Expert Singles Champion Henry Wiles
• Owned and managed Lance Jones Marketing for 13 years
Contact Information:
Charlie Roberts
3989 Springer Lane
Springfield IL 62711


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