Friday, 14 November 2014

Electrical Connection New Lighting Isolators for Indian and Harley-Davidson

Electrical Connection Introduces New Lighting Isolators for Indian and Harley-Davidson….Makes Adding Travel Trailers and More Safe and Easy!

Knoxville, TN - Electrical Connection, the leading innovator of motorcycle and Powersports electrical components and lighting systems, introduces a new Lighting Isolator System for Indian and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  

Electrical Connection isolators easily and properly connect the lighting from your major motorcycle accessory (trailer, sidecar, trike, etc.) while removing the electrical load from the motorcycles factory wiring, fuses, relays, computers and electronics. Proper isolation of electrical loads will help keep of your stock motorcycle electrical system and factory warranty intact.

The Isolator system is a modular design including a separate sub harness, modules and the Isolator. The system design allows flexibility to use a variety of trailer styles types by simply swapping out a 4 or 5 wire sub harness. You can also move the Isolator from motorcycle to
motorcycle by selecting the proper sub harness and Can-Bus module, part of the turn signal and break light system for your particular make. All Electrical Connection electronics are proudly made in the USA at the Tennessee factory.

Each Lighting Isolator System includes:
The Isolator - the main system component. It is epoxy potted for weather resistance using the best available OEM grade Omron components.
The sub-harness - connects to your bike on one end with the Isolator on the other.
This makes the connection "Plug & Play" so you don't have to splice.
Converter Module - Specific converters designed for your brand, Indian or Harley-Davidson, and 5 to 4 wire modules (Trailer Light Converters). Our converter will work with LED lights since it is active electronics. 

The Electrical Connection tech department is happy to help with any questions about fitment and/or selecting the correct components for your particular application. For tech call 865.219.9192 The new Lighting Isolators for Indian and Harley-Davidson are available at Electrical Connection Authorized Dealers and International Vendors. You can order also order direct from our web-site:, or call 800.215.6168.
For more information on Electrical Connections parts and accessories, please contact: or visit 

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