Thursday, 13 November 2014

Biker Boot Straps Weather Proof Straps

Biker Boot Straps Introduces Weather Proof Straps…
World’s Toughest Boot Strap

Romeorville, IL – BIKER BOOT STRAPS, the leading supplier of premium boot straps for Bikers has introduced its fourth generation product - the world’s first weather proof boot straps. 

The all new design includes nylon clips with sure-lock technology and durable rubber straps designed to keep your pants in place like no other product on the market. The new materials are designed to perform in the harshest conditions, including wind, mud, rain, sleet and more. Biker Boot Straps continues its commitment to enthusiasts everywhere to build and deliver the most durable products and using only the best materials available. 

The new weather proof straps incorporate a self-adjusting strap to keep pants snug, in place and not hinder the operation of the motorcycle.  This also means when you get off of your machine, the straps adjust automatically and keep from dragging on the ground while walking. The straps come in two sizes, four inch and six inch to fit both men and women.  The four inch
strap expands to about seven inches and the six inch to about 11 inches and that will cover virtually all biker applications. 

The new clip design is made with high quality nylon with a heat treated metal insert for a sure-lock experience. These clips hold stronger and last longer than the suspender clip that has been the industry standard until now. The decorative emblems are double machine pressed onto the clips for durability and which will keep the emblems from spinning on the clip. You can easily interchange the emblem with additional new emblem designs without having to buy the whole strap.

Biker Boot Straps new professional grade weather proof straps are sure to be a hit with riders already using boot straps and are sure to see how they will work in many other applications on the job, on the farm or ranch, as well as operating other Powersports machines, including ATVs, UTVs and Snowmobiles. Buy your new weather proof Biker Boot Straps today!  Or as the company founder Michael Screens says, “Get Strapped and Grab Some Throttle!”
See Biker Boot Straps on the Road…Stop by their display at select International Motorcycles Shows this fall and winter and if you are a dealer check them out at the Dealer Expo in Chicago in December. Biker Boot Straps are available at authorized dealers, through major domestic and international distributors, Including Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited plus on the company website. They also offer a custom emblem program for clubs, dealers and special occasions.

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