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Barber Vintage Festival - October 10-12, 2014

Barber Vintage Festival - October 10-12, 2014

 As you can see, Brooks was very busy on the road of support in the industry in Fall of 2014. The Barber Vintage Festival was the headliner event of the late 2014 season and provided everyone with some thrilling racing action in Leeds, AL. on a somewhat wet, yet wonderful weekend. 

In attendance during the weekend event was President Jamie Goodson and his right hand man Duane Mersereau from Commando Specialties. They were there along with Ryan Ambrose (left) and Jarrett Martin (right) from Team Brooks (Pictured below). 

To see further details on Ryan's career, click HERE

Ryan Ambrose in action

Jarrett Martin at Road America

Additionally, Brooks Leather sponsors Norton Manx Racing and rider Alex McLean......see images below. 

Alex took the checkered flag more than one racing class during the weekend.  To see the results
of all the races during the festival, click HERE

Alex McLean

L to R Nobby Clark, Alex McLean, Cindy Hill 

Side Bar - For 25 years, Derek "Nobby" Clark was one of the world's leading motorcycle race mechanics. In addition to being a part of 17 FIM Grand Prix world championships, earned in classes ranging from 50cc to 500cc, his teams won three Daytona 200s, one Daytona 100, four Imola 200s and eight Italian championships. Clark was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame on Nov. 16, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nev. To see his induction into the AMA Hall of Fame, click HERE


Duane "The Right Hand"

Jamie "The Dean" Goodson

 Jamie & Ryan

AHRMA 2014 National Series
Congrats to Brooks sponsored riders:
Jerrett Martin
Champion Thruxton Transatlantic Challenge 2013 and 2014
Alex Mclean, Team Norton Manx Racing Champion
Pre 1940
Classic 60's
Class C 
Lorraine Crussel, Champion

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