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Yamaha XS 650 ’Den Koperen Ploert’ Boardtracker by Mario van Kruijsbergen. Best of Show Bigtwin Bike Show 2014

Best of Show Bigtwin Bike Show 2014

Yamaha XS 650 ’Den Koperen Ploert’ Boardtracker by Mario van Kruijsbergen.

Mario won the Best of Show Award with his Boardtracker style XS 650. 

Mario has been riding motorcycles for 25 years. First a lot of Japanese bikes, 
then many H-Ds such as Shovels and Sportsters.                
He built this bike to do something different, not to build the common H-D Chopper. 
He liked the looks of a boardtracker.       
Mario bought a shitload of Parts, a van full, from a guy who was wrenching on bikes in his
garage. The sale was to be 3 complete bikes, but turned out to be 2 ½ That was over a year ago. Mario then started to build his Yamaha Boardtracker, and he did all the work himself!

As usual, not everything went as smooth as a builder hopes it wood. Problems during the build were: “The engine. I’ve used 3 engines to make one good, running engine. Turning the cylinder head was a lot more work than I’d expected! It took a lot of time and work such as welding, grinding, milling etc. and I had to make the (handmade) lifters myself, “ Mario explaines.

The bike has already changed three times since he build it. A homebuild bike is never ready and Mario is never satisfied. Now the wiring needs attention and when that’s done, the bike will be taken apart again and will be build up and prepared for technical inspection for an offical motorcycle license.

Technical Details
 (as stated by owner / builder)

Owner: Mario van Krijsbergen
Builder: Mario van Krijsbergen / Kruyswater Motorfietsen
Make: Yamaha
Model: XS650
Building time:  No idea, a couple of hours every day, one year

Year: 1978
Builder:   Yamaha
Displacement / cc’s: 650
Type: Twin
Cases: stock
Cylinder heads: Flowed and turned around
Valves: stock
Cam: stock
Lifters: self made, because the lifter has to follow the other lobe on the cam ‘cause the head’s been turned around.
These are now roller lifters so more clearance was needed in the valve covers and the oil spray system had to be modified
Oilpump: stock
Fuel system: stock carbs
Airfilter:  aftermaket velocity stacks with home made aluminum / brass fly cathers
Ignition: Home made, electronic Multi spark system
Exhaust system: Home made steel, with nickel plating

Year and type: Yamaha 1978 stock

Year:  2013
Builder / Make: Kruyswater Motorfietsen  “Yamaha Vintage Racer” hardtail
Rake:  37,5 graden
Stretch: 1”
Wheelbase: 1550mm

Front End
Make: Kruyswater Motorfietsen
Type: Webspringer
Length: 700mm
Yokes: Fork is completely home made by Mario in steel and has bronze powdercoating, springs and rockers with nickel coating.

Front wheel
Type: Spoke wheel
Size: 21”
Spokes: Stainless steel with messing nipples
Hub:  Honda brakehub
Tyre: Metzeler 80/90x21

Rear wheel
Type: Spoke wheel
Rim:21”x 3,5
Spokes: Stainless steel with messing nipples
Hub: Modified H-D Sportster
Brake: Drum, modified Kawasaki with home made sprocket/drum/hub
Tyre: Metzeler 120-70x21
Sprocket: ome made steel with nickel coating

Rear fender:  stock aftermarket with copper plating
Fender struts: home made
Fuel tank: home made fiberglass with copper plating (!) righthand side is for fuel, lefthand side houses the electronics
Handlebars: home made steel with nickel coating
Grips: home made out of wood
Handlebar Controls: aftermarket aluminum
Headlight: Messing, of an old bicycle
Taillight: aftermarket LED
Seat:  Messinger repro boardtracker seat, home made steel subframe with nickel coating and aftermarket shock absorber
Foot controls: home made steel, with bronze bearings

Homemade / Speciale Parts and Details:
Handlebars and Battery box, steel nickel plated
Foot controls, steel, powder coated
Copper fuel and oil lines

Less is more, the bike has been as sober and clean as possible

Colour; Copper / bronze clearcoat powdercoat
Paint: Eurolacke Powdercoatings
Painter: Owner Mario
Special Paint / logo’s: none, less is more

(nick-)Name of the Bike:’Den Koperen Ploert’ (roughly translated it means 'The Hot Copper Bat or Stick', whereas Bat or Stick means Sun) Mario: "Because the bike gave me so much trouble during the build."

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