Thursday, 23 October 2014

'Tiger Bike' by Daniel Maag from Switzerland

'Tiger Bike' by Daniel Maag from Switzerland

Daniel explains: "As you can see from my website my speciality is building motorcycles with a personal motto. Some artists use brushes and canvases, some like the famous Tinguely just use scrap metal. For my way of self expression I prefer motorcycles. 
In order to be judged at large events the motorcycles have, of course the bike needs to be road worthy. Later the motorcycles can be exhibited in museums, hotels or in a company lobby.

The motto of my latest creation is 'The Endangered Tiger'

My aim is to build a motorcycle, together with artists from various nations, illustrating a tiger in all his strength and magnificence. This idea of mine is, however, so elaborate and complex that I am involving artists from the USA, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). I believe that by involving the Asian countries in this concept an awareness of the problem of the endangered tiger could be generated. My motorcycles with personal motto receive more and more
important and prestigious awards at large motorcycle shows, especially international. 

These motorcycles also attract large media attention. Consequently by involving Asian artists in this project a certain amount of awareness can be created in the countries concerned. Especially countries like Thailand and Myanmar where still few tigers left. 

The pride in representing their country internationally with their artistry could surely contribute towards tiger awareness and the respect which they deserve. For those who strive towards such a good cause would hardly have anything to do with their destruction.

Therefore, in order to launch such a large project I am seeking sponsors. Maybe you and /or any other organizations which you could motivate would be interested? You will surely agree that such a large campaign to rescue tigers can obtain more awareness than thousands of flyers and posters. The finish artwork motorcycle can also be used on shows to collect money or later may be sold through an auction.

If I am able to inspire you with my project I would be very happy to provide you with more details. I would also like to add that I would respect your discretion in this project as idea copying in my branch is not unknown!"

Sincerely, Daniel Maag.

You can see the Tiger Bike and talk to builder Daniel Maag 
about his project during the Bigtwin Bike Show in Rosmalen, 
The Netherlands from November 7th 'till 9th.

If you want to make a donation, you can make it out to:
"HELP THE TIGER" / IBAN: CH35 0022 3223 1075 76 M1M 

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