Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Short Neck Installation Video by Pickard USA

 Short Neck Installation Video by Pickard USA          

Anyone needing to find an installation video for a slip fit short neck rake kit for Harley Baggers needing 26 Inch or 30 Inch wheels will be pleased with the new tech page explaining how to rake a Harley Bagger neck created by Pickard USA. The Harley Bagger short neck rake kit instructional video is very detailed and shows the entire process step by step to help anyone who is looking to rake the neck on a custom motorcycle.

Harley Bagger Short Neck Installation Video

Pickard USA is proud to release the new tech video explaining how to rake a Bagger neck. The installation video shows how the newest next generation slip fit short neck is installed properly by an experienced professional. The webpage will also have a variety of options for bikers and biker builders who wish to buy the newest short neck rake kit. Other options for complete front end packages are also available allowing bikers to upgrade to a 26" or 30" wheel with the newest cutting edge parts on the market. For more information call 972-231-1298 or visit the website at

When it comes to Harley Bagger neck rake kits making sure to find the best wobble free option is very important which is why more people trust Pickard USA for quality short necks, triple trees, and front end packages. A short neck builders kit at Pickard USA consists of the slip fit short neck and triple trees and is used in 26 inch and 30 inch wheel conversions. This neck kit is precision machined from solid billet steel and is the nicest on the market.  Machined necks hold
tighter tolerances than welded neck kits, ensuring the most accurate and true neck kit for a Harley Bagger.

When making a big wheel bagger, looks are great, but it is also very important to have functionality as well as comfort while riding. Having the right set up and front end geometry will provide the best handling and most comfortable ride while staying as close to stock trail as possible. This is why so many bikers and builders are turning to the expertise of Pickard USA. Neck rake services are available for people who want to send their bikes in for a 26" or 30" wheel conversion. Pickard USA guarantees that the bike will be 100% wobble free if you send your bike in for a neck rake service. All frame modifications are done in a frame jig to make sure the neck is 100% straight. For more information call 972-231-1298 or visit the website at

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