Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Rough Crafts New Parts and Accessories

Rough Crafts Presents New Line of Parts and Accessories

ROUGH CRAFTS, the Taiwanese custom shop established by Winston Yeh, the winner of the Modified Harley class at the 2013 World Championship of Custom Bike Building, 
has an extensive range of aftermarket parts available, 
and many of them featured on the winning bike. 

The Rough Crafts range includes a custom grill for use on stock headlights. Offered in black anodized or polished finish, the 168mm diameter grill fits all stock H-D 5.5in headlamps. 

To accompany the headlamp grill Rough Crafts produces its grilled turn signals, which feature matt black bullet bodies with gloss black grills. The bodies, which are 2-5in long and have a 1-
11/16in diameter, hold 12v, 8w dual filament bulbs. 

A finned cover, designed to match the grill finish parts from Rough Crafts, is a feature of the company’s air filter kit. Two versions of the kit are available, one for ’04 and later Sportsters and for Twin Cams. The kits include not only a K&N filter element, but also an internal breather system. 

Rough Crafts’ line of finned parts continues with its finned risers. The CNC machined 1.3in high riser feature stainless steel hardware and carry 1in handlebars. They have 1/2in mounting holes, making them suitable for most stock H-D applications. 

To work with the finned risers Rough Crafts offers its Fighter handlebars, which it describes as a tighter version of H-D's stock handlebar on bikes like the Iron or 48 Sportster, but with a more compact look. The 1in, stainless steel Fighter bars can be ordered dimpled for use with stock controls or smooth for custom controls.

Rough Crafts makes its own grips to fit the Fighter handlebars with the Groove grips for 1in bars. They are currently available for cable throttles. Matching Groove foot pegs are offered too, which fit most H-D male mounts. 

The Groove product range is completed with the Rough Crafts Groove gas cap for stock H-D applications. 


Taipei City, TAIWAN 

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