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How to restore Honda SOHC Fours

New at Veloce Publishing
How to restore Honda SOHC Fours – YOUR step-by-step colour illustrated guide to complete restoration

By Ricky Burns 
27x20.7cm • 176 pages • 682 pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845847-46-3

£ 35.00 (for eBooks this varies and delivery is free) 
Chapter Titles 

• Real life restoration carried out by the author
• Aimed at the beginner and seasoned motorbike restorer alike
• Advice on project choice and the preparation process
• Step-by-step guidance with hundreds of photographs
• Dismantling, restoring and sourcing parts, rebuilding
• Recommendations on repairs, renovations and parts replacements
• Special tools, their purchase, use & alternatives
• Restoring mechanical parts like engine, gearbox, brakes, and electrics
• Tackling bodywork: spraying, polishing, seat re-covering, decals, forks & tyres
• How to save yourself time and money 

This book gives enthusiasts of the single overhead cam Honda 4 a step by step guide to a full restoration. Whether it be the small but luxurious CB350/4 right through to the ground breaking CB750/4. This guide covers dismantling the motorcycle and its components, restoring and sourcing parts, paint spraying, decals and polishing. The chapters cover, Engine, frame, forks, fuel, exhaust, seat, brakes, tyres, electrics, up to the rebuild and on to safe setup and general maintenance and finally onto riding safely and storage. 

In 1969 The Honda Motor Company launched a motorcycle that many consider to be the world’s first super bike. The Honda CB750 had the first mass-produced 4 cylinder inline engine, a single overhead camshaft with 4 carburettors, a 4 into 4 exhaust system and came with electric start and front disc brakes as standard. This specification set the bar higher than had been seen before on a production motorcycle and lead to the other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers introducing their own 4 cylinder motorcycles, albeit some time later.
 Following the success for the original CB750 Honda went on to produce a range of motorcycles using SOHC 4 cylinder engines. All with their own characteristic s, they proved to be reliable and smooth running and even today can offer real reliable transport on modern roads if restored correctly.

 Now with some examples over 40 years old many enthusiasts wish to restore these classic machines. 
 This book has been written to guide the enthusiast through his or her restoration of these fine classic motorcycles. 

Additional Information
Covers the period 1969-1982, and models CB350/4, CB400/4, CB500/4,CB550/4,CB650/4, CB750/4.  

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