Friday, 24 October 2014

Bolt-on Sportster Trike Conversion Kits by Paughco

Bolt-on Sportster Trike Conversion Kits by Paughco

Paughco's new trike conversion kit has been designed for the Sportster. The custom swingarm and rear axle pieces used in the conversion kit bolt directly in place of the stock swingarm assembly and utilize the stock belt or chain, depending on model. Once fitted all that is needed is a choice of GM 5 x 4.75 bolt pattern wheels and tires. 

The rear axle assembly used in the Paughco kit features a 70T 1-1/2in wide belt pulley or 51T chain sprocket, brake rotors, chrome four-piston calipers and limited slip differential. The stock shocks bolt directly to the new swingarm and OEM shock mounts. Rear axle assemblies are finished in black powdercoat and the swingarms are shipped as raw steel. 
Paughco Trike swingarms are offered for XL models ‘86-’10, and the axle assemblies can be ordered for both chain and belt applications. 

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