Wednesday, 13 August 2014

BikeSheath Seat/Tank Cover & FairingSheath

Seat/Tank Cover & FairingSheath 

There is a new product line on the scene: 
THE perfect bike cover for those motorcycle enthusiasts that travel. 

Easy to use, easy to take along on your trip (long or short), top quality, and reasonably priced. Best of all, AMERICAN MADE right in the state of Georgia. The company is called BikeSheath!

BikeSheath has a unique seat/tank cover that was explicitly designed for the Ultra Classic.  It completely protects the seat and tank from water, dust, pollen, dew, and any other elements to which the bike might be exposed.  It literally takes 20 seconds or less to put on the bike and can be applied as soon as you stop since the material is heat rated. The seat/tank cover comes as one unit and in total weighs less than 1 lb.  The backrest option serves as the storage bag and can be stored anywhere on the bike.  If there is no driver's backrest it will come in a separate bag.  Both 

options are very compact and will even fit in the lower fairing.  One of the best parts about our seat/tank cover is that it only takes one person to put it on the bike and will always fit back in the bag.  Our Ultra Classic line includes the seat/tank cover (with and without a driver's backrest), faring sheath, passenger backrest, saddle bag lid covers and speaker pod covers.  Since our
product is modular in nature, there are several choices to cover the parts of the bike that are most important to the rider / passenger.

As a compliment to the seat/tank cover above, BikeSheath designed a cover to fit one of the most popular fairings of all time; the Harley-Davidson Bat Wing Fairing.  The Bat Wing has many different configurations which change with owner's preferences; such as:
Windshield height (4" - 16")
Mirror Mounting (handlebars or fairing mount)
With or without air deflectors, etc.  
Since there are so many options to the fairing we custom make each FairingSheath to order.   The FairingSheath specifically protects the gauges, radio and controls on the inside of the fairing from water, dust, grime, pollen and other natural elements while the bike is parked.  It is completely waterproof so riders won't be fighting spray from the windshield after a downpour or from the morning dew.  The FairingSheath will come with its own bag and is less than ½ a pound in total weight.  It is very compact and can be stored in just about any recess of the bike.  BikeSheath brand covers are great for overnight stays anywhere the bike is left in the elements.

 The two items featured in this release are just a couple of the full line. BikeSheath has covers for most makes and popular models. 

For further details on our entire product line, go to or contact us at:
Phone:  (888) 548-5642

All distributors and high volume retailers, please contact Joe Distefano at:
P - 319.389.0798 / F - 866.205.2422

About BikeSheath

BikeSheath was formed out of necessity to protect the precious investment of motorcycle tanks, seats, and gauges. The owners of BikeSheath have multiple years of combined riding experience on multiple makes and models of motorcycles. During a January ride in Georgia, a discussion arose about producing motorcycle accessories that would cater to all cruiser type motorcycles. 
Several ideas were contemplated before settling on BikeSheath modular motorcycle covers. We also wanted to offer products for the women riders; which are becoming a larger percentage of rider each year. 
Since then, we have patents pending on several BikeSheath products. We constantly strive to improve our designs and processes to provide riders everywhere with a product that is both useful and can lend itself to your personality. 
We are proud to say that BikeSheath products are made in the United States of America using American made fabric. We have sought out strictly US vendors in order to do what we can to provide for employment in this economy.

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