Friday, 11 July 2014

CVP V-Ductor… True Bolt-On Performance for Your Harley

CV Performance Introduces the CVP V-Ductor…
True Bolt-On Performance for Your Harley

Glendora, CA - CV Performance Introduces the CVP V-Ductor, the finishing performance touch that adds power and efficiency for your Harley-Davidson. Add the V-Ductor once you have installed a CV Performance Tuners kit or other CV Performance accessory. Or make the V-Ductor the first piece you install as you begin enhancing the performance of your bike.  

The V-Ductor is the velocity stack that fits inside your air cleaner. By funneling air through the unique and proven venturi design, the V-Ductor reduces turbulence while increasing velocity for optimal fuel mixture. Unlike vanes, grates or screens that may deflect airflow or encourage turbulence, the V-Ductor never blocks or reduces flow. Increased air density greatly improves
mileage by encouraging a more complete burn of the air/fuel mixture. 

Bolt-on performance that installs in minutes. The only device of its kind is CNC machined and laser cut from 6061 billet aluminum and designed to install behind your stock or high flow aftermarket accessory air cleaner. 

Fits all models using CV style carburetors plus Delphi Fuel Injection, 08-14 Touring, FL, XL and Mikuni HSR carbs w/air box adapter. 

Available in the following styles:
1989-2006 Big Twin and Sportster.
2000-present Delphi fuel injected (Softail, Dyna, Sportster, pre-08 Touring).
2008-2014 Touring models with Throttle-By-Wire.
Mikuni HSR 42/45 when fitted with the Mikuni to Harley airbox adapter.

Specify CV carb, Delphi fuel injection, Touring, bike model and year or Mikuni HSR* when ordering.

CV Performance specializes in manufacturing and distributing performance parts for Harley V-Twin motorcycles, including CV carburetors and intakes.  All CV Performance exclusive products are precision CNC machined and thoroughly rider tested. We only sell what we would install on our own bikes.

The CV Performance V-Ductor come with detailed written instructions and CVP tech support is available on our Tech Forum: 

Install a CVP V-Ductor on your bike now! Available at CV Performance authorized dealers and international vendors, plus on our website. For more information, please contact us at: or visit our website: New Dealer Inquires Requested. 

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