Monday, 30 June 2014

Fuel Tools - Fuel transfer, check valve & pump solutions

Fuel Tools - Fuel transfer, check valve & pump solutions
Available at your Motorcycle Storehouse Dealer

The Fuel Tools fuel sharing system solves the age old problem of one of the brothers running out of gas. When on the road just click-remove your fuel line from the fuel tank and click/install the ´Fuel Sharing System´ between the check valve and fuel line. 

Super simple and no tools required. Push the button on the hand unit and it will enable you to transfer fuel, at a rate of approx. 1 quart (almost a liter) per 20 seconds, with the engine running. Great for use at home as well, to gravity drain your fuel tank for maintenance / repair or winter
stop. When you´re done, just remove the ´Fuel Sharing System´ and click-install your regular fuel hose back in to the tank. 

Apart from that Fuel Tool offers a solution to leaking check valves in the fuel tank. A check valve rebuild tool, to replace the lower O-ring only, or even a complete check valve rebuild kit so you will no longer be forced to buy a complete new check valve.

The Fuel Tool Fuel Pressure Check Valve enables you to check the fuel pump for correct, 55-62 psi, fuel pressure. High quality, compact, quick to use and it will determine any issues with fuel pressure efficiently.

For more information on Fuel Tool products, contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

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