Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Crampbusters at Motorcycle Storehouse

New at Motorcycle Storehouse - Crampbusters

If you do some serious riding, we're talking long highway stretches here, then you are familiar with the effects the throttle grip has on your right hand muscles and wrist. Unless you have cruise control, you'll be fighting the throttle return spring without end. The next best choice is Crampbusters. It is basically a pre-formed piece of plastic that will clamp itself easily around the throttle grip, it just slides-on, no need to disassemble anything. When cruising down the highway you can rest the palm of your hand on the Crampbusters, where it clamps itself around your grip when applying downward pressure. It easily adjusts by turning it forward to the most comfortable
angle. The support it provides in holding the throttle open is so effective that you have just one wish left. A larger fuel tank. 

Available in 1 3/8 inch and smaller grip or 1 3/8 and larger grips, both in wide or narrow version. Some are available in black, chrome or even pink.

For more information in regards to beating throttle hand fatigue, 
contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

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