Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rough Crafts at Motorcycle Storehouse

Rough Crafts

Winston Yeh is The Man behind Rough Crafts. A well known Taiwanese builder and designer of exotic custom bikes. Parts are exclusively made small scale high quality in-house productions, and used on Rough Crafts bikes. 

These parts reflect another Taiwan that many of us never new existed... a land of individualism and freedom. Winston is on the forefront of discovering new 

custom worlds. Softly spoken and with a deep interest in what moves a man's soul, an explorer of the fine line between devotion, ecstasy, agony even. An intense artist like Winston can not live, when his dedication to meet his creative desires are not met. 

It is not the money, it is the devotion to create in the purest sense of the word. This is why Winston Yeh is embraced by those that have a sense of taste that surpasses the average. Only those can appreciate Rough Crafts creations for what they really are, way more  than what meets the eye, art on which a price tag is almost an insult. 

For more information on Rough Craft products, you can call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

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