Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kustom Tech Inverted Brake & Clutch lever assemblies

Kustom Tech 
Inverted Brake & Clutch lever assemblies
now at Motorcycle Storehouse

Inverted controls have the pivot point on the outside on the handlebar, a system that used to be stock on some early bikes and the looks are very retro indeed, especially in the offered metal combinations of satin chrome, chrome and raw, satin or polished brass. If just inverted looks don't 

make it happen for you, the internal control cables may. Kustom Tech fabricates their inverted controls as full mechanical, no hydraulics can be used in the bar, but the set-up is as clean as you could imagine. 

Nothing on the bars except the levers and throttle. Note that internal throttle control is not compatible with a right side inverted brake assembly, for obvious reasons, but a front brake set-up could be done linking it to the rear brake similar to a car or some motorcycles even. Kustom-Tech even tough of offering some matching handlebar grip sets. 

In short: build options are overwhelming and looks absolutely staggering. 

If you want to take a plunge in the next customizing level, 
talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

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