Monday, 12 May 2014

Biltwell Bonanza Limited Editionsat Motorcycle Storehouse

Biltwell Bonanza Limited Editions at Motorcycle Storehouse

Bonanza - Limited edition

The Biltwell Bonanza Limited Editions comes in color schemes that is worth the description 'Classic' in capital letters. Like the regular Bonanzas they meet US DOT safety standards. Powered to tele-transport you right back to times where the definition of speed was measured 

in a vibrating oil spitting frenzy or trying to survive a sudden horrifying speed wobble at +100 mph.

 The open face Bonanza experience is comparable to clocking 100 mph in a hopped up T-Ford. Loud, fast and fun! If you prefer the same 100 mph as a freeway cruise in a luxury sedan, the Bonanza is not the way.

Le Racer
Just drippin' with old fashioned speed. Raw uncivilized horsepower is what matches this helmet, a clear reminiscent of racers in times where there was no substitute for cubic inches. Strokers ruled and... sometimes they still do.

Le Spectrum
An extremely popular 70's scheme that found its way through a range of products, advertisements, muscle cars and of course in the color schemes on the fuel tanks of the 70's AMF Harley-Davidson models! If you don't like it, better say it very, very quiet...

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