Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rick‘s Touring 7° 2014 Model Year (TÜVapproved) Triple-trees

Rick‘s Touring 7° 2014 Model Year Triple-trees
for 21, 23 and 26’’ front wheel conversion (TÜVapproved)

Road tested, TÜV-approved and now already adapted to fit the Harley-Davidson 2014 Touring Models: Rick‘s „Touring“ Triple-trees have already been adapted to the changes in the 2014 model year design. Intense development and testing went into the CAD-design of these triple-trees as ridability at all speeds had to be retained.

Mounting a 21’’, 23’’ or 26’’ front wheel into a motorcycle is– due to the larger diameter of the wheel – equal to a 2-4 Inch extended front fork, resulting in higher center of weight on a
motorcycle that is sometimes tail-heavy from the weight carried in the rear cases. Not to forget the vulnerability to sidewind. Hardly the receipe for a stable ride, but it was up to the Rick‘s development team to compensate for this – and the job has been done. With excellence! Rick‘s touring 7° triple-trees angle the stock fork forwards to achieve the stock height. In the 21’’, 23’’ and 26’’ version, the stock fork in original length can be retained. Resulting in stock riding characteriststics that also benefit from the 2014 model years bigger diameter fork tubes and bearings: Great stability in high speeds and a much improved handling under all conditions.

CNC-machined in Rick‘s „House of Custom“, Rick‘s Touring 7° Triple-trees are strictly „bolt-on“: There are no frame modifications and the stock fork can be retained! Progressive springs are recommended, but the use of stock components is reducing the costs considerably. The triple-tree kit is available for Harley-Davidson Touring models like the „Road King“ and all variations of the „Electra-Glide“ and „Street Glide“ and comes with complete mounting hardware and instructions.

Now available at
Rick‘s Motorcycles GmbH, Authorised Harley-Davidson Dealer - Flugstraße 1 - 76532 Baden-Baden, Germany - Tel. ++49 (0) 7221 - 39 39 - 0

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