Wednesday, 9 April 2014

„Rick Rod“ stainless steel handlebar!

Raise the bar: 
2014 Model Year „Rick Rod“ stainless steel handlebar!
The elegant, yet ultra-robust Rick‘s 30 mm Stainless Steel Handlebar 
is all you need to direct your heavy-duty touring motorcycle (and not just that...) 
through twists and turns or high-speed traffic on the Autobahn!

Fitting the style of today‘s Baggers, Rick‘s offers this TÜVapproved stainless steel handlebar in several versions, this one fitting the stock handlebar clamps. Literally „bulletproof“ manufactured from stainless steel, tube diameter is 30 mm, handlebar heights are available in 350, 400 and 450

Relaxed seating position for touring is granted. The stock handlebar/riser covers can be retained, as short risers fit the stock mounting position. The handlebars allow stock or aftermarket controls, Rick‘s used a combination of stock controls and Harley-Davidson accessory grips on these images but also offers (highly recommended) very well handling Rick‘s grips.

Notable on this project is, that despite the slim look and 90° angles, cables and hydraulic lines are hidden INSIDE the handlebar!

With TÜV-homologation. Order at

Rick‘s Motorcycles GmbH, Authorised Harley-Davidson Dealer - Flugstraße 1 - 76532 Baden-Baden, Germany - Tel. ++49 (0) 7221 - 39 39 - 0

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