Thursday, 20 March 2014

Motorcycle Storehouse distributer of Bell Helmets

Motorcycle Storehouse proud to announce 
to distribute Bell Helmets

Motorcycle Storehouse is proud to announce they will now be able to distribute Bell Helmets, 
an American company of high end helmets. Their roots go back as Bell Auto Parts, 
an auto racing parts supplier. 

In 1946 one of the owners, Roy Richter, lost another friend in racing, setting him to think about safety. The times were different, an exciting era with a world full of people exploring the edges of mechanical and human possibilities. With the adrenaline rush getting you high and your focus on nothing but the win, you will take to extremes in a blur of fading reality, flying across the race track, down the strip, street or actually anywhere, anytime. Safety was not an issue, ha, but going faster than your opponent was! Eventually, in 1954, Bell introduced their Bell 500 jet helmet, and it raised safety to new heights! Bell has always been, and still is, in the forefront setting the standards. 

Providing the protection that keeps the best of the best, the winners of medals and those that go where nobody has gone before, alive. Evil Knievel used a Bell helmet and still holds the Guinness World Record by suffering 433 broken bones in his career... but he never cracked his skull. 

Graig Breedlove wore his Bell while blasting across Bonneville at 600 mph in his 15.000 horsepower jet car. Richard Petty ruled Nascar and Kenny Roberts powered to the win in GP motorcycle racing. Steve McQueen had a passion for all that men like, including his Bell helmet. 

John Tomac ruled bicycle racing, tarmac or downhill, he did it all. The list is seemingly endless, and for a good reason. Today Bell is still the number one name today for professional racers that require the unsurpassed quality that only the best can offer. Even when your not the racing ace of your country, Bell will deliver. 

The complete Motorcycle Storehouse collection will be available, from stock, from the spring of 2014. Amongst those will be the Bullitt, a classic full face helmet and the Custom 500, the classic jet helmet and the SX-1, RS-1 and M5X series in a full range of colors and graphic designs.

All Bell helmets come standard with the assurance of a well engineered, innovative, EC approved product with a history that is hard to match. Dealers are advised to check the Motorcycle Storehouse website and contact their sales representative for more information.

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