Friday, 7 February 2014

New at MCS - Vintage 5 3/4" Headlamp

New at Motorcycle Storehouse
Vintage 5 3/4" Headlamp

With todays return to vintage bikes, say 60's, early 70's, you've just gotta have a period correct headlamp to match your brand new creation. You can even give your classic bike just that bit extra. These Vintage Headlamps come in black or chrome with a 60mm diameter speedometer mounting hole, positioned in the rear section of the headlamp. 

Then the genuine new age old school look really kicks in, since these headlamps are designed to work with all electronic 60mm Velona speedo or tachometers. 

The signal can be picked-up from the bikes digital output, or just order an active sensor, available as MCS 900404, separately. Light output is up to date, with 55-60W H4 bulb equipped unit with EC approval. Headlamp shells are side-mounted and matching, fork tube mounted, brackets are separately available in polished stainless or black painted steel and will fit 35, 39 or 41mm diameter fork tubes. 

Check out the Motorcycle Storehouse Volume 11 catalog page 55,
 for the speedo / tacho and page 1134 for the Vintage headlamps. 
If you don't wanna, just call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer!

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